It is no secret that Kawasaki has been fiddling around with the idea of electric mobility. A couple of months ago, there were patent drawings of an electric bike from Kawasaki and a Ninja-based electric with the ability to swap out the battery pack. Now, we have images for those patents.

The images reveal that the bike will be equipped with an electric motor and an L-shaped battery pack, all crammed into the space where a conventional engine would otherwise sit. This bring the bike’s centre of gravity lower, making it much easier to manoeuvre.

The more important tech being patented here is the ability to swap out the battery. The image shows us that the left side of the chassis can be unbolted to remove the battery but the use of a dolly to move it indicates that the battery won’t really be light. This means the entire process could be a little tedious and while a swappable battery pack might increase the range a bike could cover, it doesn’t seem like it can be done on the side of the road.

We will have to wait for more clarity on this and battery swapping tech is still fairly in its infancy. With upgrades in batteries and the push for environment friendly electric vehicles gaining ground, it won’t be long before we can cram a lot more energy into smaller batteries than the lithium-ions.


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