‘Nioh 2’ Confirmed For 10-Day Open Beta In November – Business Times

The highly-anticipated sequel for Nioh, Nioh 2, was confirmed earlier this week, slated to release in early 2020. The news has amped fans of the game who has been itching for a sequel. And if you can’t wait, PlayStation has some amazing news: there will be a free open beta this November, and it’s believed that the beta will be available not just for PS+ subscribers but to all.

A Nioh 2 gameplay was recently previewed at Tokyo Game Show, wherein producer Fumihiko Yasuda reportedly confirmed in a behind-closed-doors TGS presentation hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment that while there’ll be new multiplayer modes, there won’t be an easy setting – and the difficulty will stack the more players you have to help you out.

“The game is a so-called Masocore game, so we want the difficulty to be the same for everyone, even if you may be able to see people beat the bosses on YouTube and that sort of stuff,” said Yasuda.

In May, the good folks at Digital Foundry went hands-on with Nioh 2, calling it “a solid sequel.” The reviewers wrote: “Based on what we’ve seen so far, Nioh 2 is shaping up as a solid sequel that perhaps plays it a little too safely, but that’s OK – the original is one of the better action games of the generation, and I’m eager to see what Nioh 2 ultimately delivers when it launches. If Team Ninja can cut down some of the grindy elements that persisted in the original, this could be an even better game.”

On Friday, Team Ninja released a trailer that showcased a new game. The clip featured a new player protagonist transforming into a Yokai to take on those demons on their terms.

Players can freely choose who their main character will be, including race and gender. We’re not sure what William, the series’ first hero, will be but there are speculations he will either appear as an NPC or not returning at all.

Nioh 2 is set for release sometime in 2020 on PlayStation 4. The sequel is also expected to arrive on PC. The PS4 demo is expected to be available for all, regardless of whether or not you’re a paid-up PS+ subscriber.


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