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Niti Aayog task force mulls training babus on project management

HYDERABAD: A task force of government policy think tank Niti Aayog is planning to impart project management training to government officials in a bid to prune wastage and help the government in its $5-trillion economy target by 2024.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, Project Management Institute’s (PMI) global chair Randall T Black and director Tejas Sura said Niti Aayog is considering training at least 200,000 government officials of various ministries on project management skills over the next 10 years. The Niti Aayog task force comprises representatives of ministries, corporates and global non-profit professional bodies.

PMI, a part of the Niti Aayog task force, has agreed to help the government in this plan, they said. The mandate for the Task Force for Project and Programme Management was to suggest measures to maximise the efficiency of project delivery in the public sector.

Another 700,000 professionals in the Indian private sector are expected to undergo project management training every year, with the private sector also looking at cutting down on wastage and improving efficiency and productivity amid the global economic slowdown, said Black.

While wastage for every dollar invested on projects stands at an average of 12% globally, it is about 16% in India, making the country look at improving efficiencies and productivity to bring down wastages, said Black. “Most of the economies today are troubled. Governments and private organisations across the world are looking at efficiencies,” he said.

Referring to the Indian government’s plans to invest $1.4 trillion on infrastructure by 2025 as a part of the $5-trillion economy target, Sura said maximising efficiencies of project delivery through project management skills should help cut wastages. Quoting from a PMI report, he said the country needs at least 700,000 skilled project managers over the next decade to avert delays and cost escalations in projects across sectors like roads, railways, IT and manufacturing.

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Black said India’s efforts to bring down wastage on every dollar invested with the help of project management skills should help it save billions of dollars over the next few years.


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