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Update (05/11/2020) – JS

A few months after Spotify started testing to allow music playback on the Apple Watch without needing to have the iPhone in hand for the process to run, finally the app for the smart watch is updated. day with this option.

Now, users with Series 3 or higher version with Wi-Fi connection and WatchOS 6.0 system can already take advantage of this novelty, allowing independence in the use of this application in different places, making it unnecessary to carry the mobile phone. all the time to listen to the tracks of the favorite playlist with the bluetooth headphones during exercise, for example.

For now, this new feature is only shipped to users in the United States, but it shouldn’t take long to get the devices sold here in Brazil, so you should keep an eye out for future updates.

Original text (09/17/2020)

It appears Spotify is unwilling to let users of Apple devices be affected by the ongoing conflict surrounding the two companies, with the Cupertino giant accused by the company of “limiting competition” with other streaming services during the process. the announcement of the Apple One. , which bundles some of its main services into a single subscription.

Indeed, according to reports, the Spotify app for Apple Watch has started to receive support for playing music directly from the wrist, instead of just serving as a control over what is played on the iPhone, like this. has been the case since its arrival on Apple portable devices. in 2018.

With this, Apple Watch owners can play songs directly on the accessory, through its built-in speakers, or stream them to other external devices, such as Bluetooth speakers or headsets, for example.

However, it is important to note that this supposed Spotify update for Apple Watches has been tagged, in the laptop itself, as a beta, as can be seen in some images posted on Reddit. This indicates that the feature is still being tested by the company and as a result has been made available to a very limited number of users.

Despite the novelty, some of the lucky ones who have already received the update reported that so far the app does not support listening to music offline and it is necessary to maintain a constant connection. to the Internet to read the media.

It should be remembered that the streaming app received support for voice commands with Siri on Apple Watches in April of this year, another addition well accepted by users of the gadget.


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