Friday, June 14th 2019, 12:30 pm – Have you spotted a tornado in Canada? These scientists want you to report it!

In their quest to find every tornado occurring in Canada, Western University’s Northern Tornado Project just received a big financial boost that has allowed them to go national!

According to Western News, the project has partnered with the Toronto-based social impact fund, ImpactWX, which works to improve peoples’ response and safety during severe weather events.

The Northern Tornado Project (NTP) started up in 2017, with the goal to discover all tornadoes occurring specifically in Northern Ontario – north of Lake Superior – through the use of satellite imagery and other technologies. After the success of that pilot project, they expanded in 2018 to include all of Ontario.

Now, with new funding – $6.4 million from ImpactWX and another $2.5 million from Western University – NTP has the resources to go coast-to-coast in their hunt for tornadoes.

“This boost allows us to have more resources, to go national,” said Dr Greg Kopp, Lead Researcher for the Northern Tornadoes Project.

From acquiring satellite and radar imagery, to quickly travelling to remote areas, to assembling the right team of people – including Dr David Sills, who brings 20+ years as a severe weather scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada to the project – Kopp says that these kinds of partnerships are necessary in order to have the financial resources needed.

“It requires quite a few resources to do [this kind of work], as you can imagine” Kopp said. “It’s a big country, and we need a big team to do it.”

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While the United States, with its classic ‘tornado alley’ across the Plains states and through the Midwest, sees far more torado activity than Canada, we still experience more than our fair share of twisters here, north of the border, as well.

“If the United States wasn’t there, we’d be right near the top of the list, in the world, for tornado activity,” said Dr David Sills, the newly-appointed Executive Director of the Northern Tornado Project.

“The activity that happens in the northern United States extends into parts of Canada,” Sills explained. “The big tornado alley through the central part of the U.S. extends into the Prairies, and the the midwest tornadoes extend into southern Ontario and Quebec, and even New Brunswick.”

Canada-Tornadoes-Sills-et-alConfirmed and probable tornadoes across Canada from 1980-2009. Note Canada’s only F5 tornado occurred in Manitoba. Source: Sills et al., 2012

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, there is an average of 62 tornadoes per year across the country, which end up costing Canadians millions of dollars. Taking just one occurrance as an example, the six confirmed tornadoes that swept through Ottawa on September 21, 2018 (which included one EF-3, one EF-2 and four EF-1 twisters) are estimated to have caused close to $300 million in damages.

Knowing exactly how many tornadoes are actually occurring across Canada, including those that would not normally be reported due to their remoteness, will help to protect the public, but also provide valuable new data for the insurance industry and for research into Canadian tornadoes.

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Watch below: Atlantic Canada only averages 1.2 tornadoes a year, and here’s why



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