Not just look for jobs, but become someone who can create jobs: Sunil Kant Munjal to IIM students

Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, Hero Corporate Service Pvt. Ltd urged the students not just look for jobs but become someone who will create and offer more jobs.

IIM Shillong welcomed 251 Participants for its flagship MBA program and 24 Scholars for its Doctoral programme.

Chief Guest, Munjal delivered the commencement address where he advised the students to keep an open eye for learning around them and have high and meaningful aspirations as they are the privileged few in a country of abject poverty. “I urge you to not just look for jobs. Become someone who will create and offer more jobs. India and the world need many more job creators. Entrepreneurship should be a part of your natural education. IIM Shillong will encourage you to be innovative, to look at things differently.”

He reiterated the need to plan for contingencies by learning from the pandemic crises, find efficient solutions that are accessible and available to a larger section of the society. He inspired the listeners to love their profession, which would then result in tapping on the reservoir that is within everybody already. “Success does not lie at the beginning, it lies at the end, but that depends on how you approach the problem and the solution. If it does not work, try again, because you only fail when you stop trying. We overestimate what we did in one year, and underestimate what we can do in 10 years.”

Munjal took up questions from the inquisitive batch on work culture, changing expectations and the evolving significance of MBA.

Having been highly competitive selection process, 251 participants could make it to this prestigious institution, out of 2 lakh applications. With the diversity of the batch, the students enrolled held from 24 states, including 5 from the North Eastern States. The 2021 PGP batch consists of 44% of female students, and 60%+ students with more than 12 months of work experience. 60% of the batch comes from Engineering and tech backgrounds, while 8 students hold professional degrees. The rest of the batch has a healthy mix of General Science, Dentistry, Agriculture, Commerce, Law, etc.


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