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OCALA, Fla., (WCJB) — Keeping your home safe is important, but when it comes to choosing a home security device, how should you know which ones are the most effective?

One Ocala man with ten years of law enforcement experience created a different type of home security, using military technology, that keeps intruders out without adding any wires, sensors, or gadgets. The device is called Ghost Guard Secure.

Every millisecond, it measures different sound, pressure, and air waves in your home to determine when someone is trying to get inside.

Home intrusions can leave you in extreme danger.

“What Ghost Guard does, is it puts in an invisible layer of protection around your entire house,” said Mitchell Tucker, the creator of the device.

Ghost Guard Secure is a small box that can be put on a shelf or hung on a wall. It’s smaller than a DVD player, and one box is all you need for your entire home.

With other security devices, “if it fails, now someone can go into your residence and the alarm will never go off, if the battery dies, someone can into your into your residence and it will never go off,” Tucker explained, “With alarms in the past, the intruder has to be inside your house before the alarm actually goes off.”

Ghost Guard Secure can be adjusted with a knob on the side depending on the size of your home…but someone trying to get inside doesn’t actually have to get in for the alarm to sound, because the device can sense the pressure against windows and doors.

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It also has different modes for when you’re home or away.When your device is in “armed mode,” you don’t have to punch in any codes or take any extra steps, you just have to make sure that you lock your doors and windows.

Ghost Guard doesn’t immediately notify law enforcement. As a former deputy, Tucker knows how many false alarms there are each day — so through the app, you can verify the intrusion before calling 911, that way, the call is urgent.

“On Ghost Guard Secure, when the alarm system goes off, you get a notification on your phone, you click, and now you can view your cameras, and then you have a verified all alarms,” Tucker said, “Now that same officer is going to run lights and sirens, with two or three other people, possibly a K-9, and they are going to get there as quickly as possible, so your response time is a lot faster.”

If you want to find out more about Ghost Guard Secure click here.


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