The bus was filled with 40 children and just a few hundred feet from its destination when the crash occurred.

BROCKTON — A school occupied by dozens of children was struck early Monday morning, but no one was injured.

Police responded to the intersection of Plain Street and Carl Avenue, about 7:47 a.m., for a report of a crash involving an occupied school bus.

Police found a blue Toyota Camry sedan parked in the westbound shoulder facing eastbound with heavy damage to its rear-end. The rear bumped was damaged and a hubcap was knocked off the car.

The bus had damage to its front crossing arm near the bumper, which extends when the stop signs are in use so that children stand several feet in front of the bus when crossing to give drivers a better view.

School officials tell The Enterprise that the bus was occupied by 40 children, who were escorted off the bus by the principal and associated principal, who responded to the scene.

The bus was heading to the Davis School, which is less than a quarter-mile from where the crash occurred.

The students were checked on scene by paramedics and none were determined to be injured. The students then walked to the nearby school and the bus remained on scene as police investigated who was at fault.

Once at the school, all the students were again checked by a nurse and cleared. Parents were contacted.

The cause of the crash is being investigated by Brockton police. Officers from the school police division responded to the scene to assist.

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