Office worker earns billions by secretly using his work computers to mine Bitcoin

An office worker has reportedly amassed a gigantic fortune in Bitcoin after secretly using his company’s computer to mine the cryptocurrency.

Sergey Solonin, a former IT manager at Russian firm Qiwi, managed to mine approximately 500,000 bitcoins using the company’s surplus computer capacity available overnight when offices were closed.

Qiwi is a publicly traded Russian payment service provider but according to media reports, there seems to be nothing the company can do to get back the currency that was mined using its own machines.

You won’t feel guilty about skiving off ever again after hearing what one audacious bloke got up to in his place of work

Reports suggest that employees from the security department noticed that some of the computers located in Qiwi shops were working at very high levels at night when there was normally little work for them to do.

It turned out that Solonin, who was one of the chiefs of the department in charge of the technical aspect of the business, had installed the application for mining Bitcoins onto the computers.

Local media report that Solonin managed to mine the bitcoins in 2011 and the story came to light when it was revealed the company had so far failed to win a battle to have the virtual dosh handed over.

Prior to being busted he reportedly managed to mine 500,000 bitcoins worth $5,000,000 (£3,810,950.00) at the time. Currently, they are worth $4,000,000,000 (£3.05 billion)

Solonin reportedly left Qiwi after the head of the company asked him to return the bitcoins.

The company tried repeating Solonin’s success on their own but did not succeed as the opportunities to make significant money were only really available in the early days of Bitcoin mining.

There is no information on what Solonin currently does.


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