Omniex partners with Seed CX crypto exchange – FXStreet

  • The partnership will help in providing institutional-grade resources for those trading in crypto markets.
  • Via Seed CX’s Seed Digital Commodities Market, Omniex, will provide its users with access to a variety of crypto-asset assets.

Seed CX, an institutional-focused cryptocurrency exchange, has collaborated with Omniex and expanded the reach of its offering. Omniex develops services and technologies that simplifies the process of trading cryptocurrencies for financial institutions.

Through Seed CX’s Seed Digital Commodities Market, Omniex will now provide its customers with access to a variety of crypto-asset assets. The two firms stated that the partnership is expected to help in providing institutional-grade resources and real-time ‎information for those trading in cryptocurrency markets. Seed Digital Commodities Market was one of Seed CX’s two subsidiaries that obtained a BitLicense from the NY State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). This enabled the company to legally operate as a money transmitter and crypto exchange. The Zero Hash’s license allows Seed CX’s settlement arm to function as the money transmitter for the trading activity that’s resulting from its affiliated exchange.

Omniex, co-founder and CEO Hu Liang, said:

As the market for crypto-assets continues to mature, we’re excited to partner with providers like Seed CX that are built specifically for the institutional client base we support. We look forward to creating valuable services for our mutual clients.

Some of the significant services provided by Omniex include end-to-end solutions for portfolio and risk management, trade execution and compliance, algorithmic execution and smart order routing services. The firm stated that crypto assets have several unique attributes that are not seen in other financial markets. Hence, it has developed its platform to account for the nuances of these unique assets. Additionally, Omniex solutions enable direct market access and connectivity to the liquidity venues for crypto-assets.


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