One way to meditate

Meditation is the natural process of withdrawing attention from environmental, physical and mental processes and consciously directing it inward to a chosen focus. But not many people know how to practise meditation for personal benefit and spiritual growth.

First, decide to practise meditation for at least 30 minutes a day. Sit upright in a comfortable chair or assume a crosslegged posture on the floor. Hold your head erect, with attention flowing into the area situated in the front region of the brain that is related to creativity, will power and discernment. Next, inhale and exhale deeply once or twice to elicit physical relaxation. Remain still for a few minutes until you feel calmly poised. If you have a devotional temperament, invoke the presence and blessings of God. If you have a guru, reverentially acknowledge him.

Make a conscious effort to be aware of your natural breathing rhythm. When inhaling, mentally recite a chosen word or mantra such as God, peace, joy, or any other pleasant word. When you exhale, feel happy and peaceful. Feel the sound of the mantra spontaneously emerging into your mind and awareness. When a state of mental calmness is experienced, disregard your breathing, listening only to the mantra. Eventually, allow even the mantra to fade away and rest in a state of mental peace and clarity of awareness for a while, until you feel inclined to conclude the session.

For optimum results, meditate once or twice a day. Do this for at least 30 days before trying to evaluate the results.


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