Trust the internet to bring out the juicy details prior to the release of upcoming devices, which exactly is how things are playing out for the OnePlus 7 Pro that is set for a May 14 intro. The soon to breakout Android flagship is aiming to break away from the pack of competitors and hopes to realize the act with the so-called “breakthrough” display panel.

Apparently, the OnePlus game plan has been teased away by the latest leak coming from Europe, which painted the OnePlus 7 Pro as a glorious rendition of a full-display handset. While the images shared by WinFuture, according to The Verge, served to support earlier suggestions about the 7 Pro, they also confirmed the device maker’s assertion that the 2019 flagship will be a cut above the rest.

In a recent talk, OnePlus CEO Peter Lau has stated that the OnePlus 7 Pro indeed will be of a different breed on the account of its stunning display panel. The leaked renders shown so far have indicated of a curved screen that gorgeously eliminates bezels on all sides of the phone. But the breakthrough part lies not on what the eyes will see superficially.

Instead, the main selling point for the OnePlus 7 Pro is the user experience and in terms of the display panel, it will feature a 90Hz refresh rate. It will be stupid fast and for gamers, it will mean buttery smooth animation, which is identical to what gamers have experienced toying with the game-centric Razer Phone.

The 7 Pro display panel is touted to be immersive too with a Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen doing the trick. And there is the assurance that the device will remain powered up for an extended period, thanks to the 4,000mAh battery that is rumored to be part of the unboxing.

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Needless to say, the WinFuture-provided leak has again confirmed that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be equipped with a triple-camera setting. Showcased as well was the back panel and with, according to Forbes, are the color schemes for the device – Mirror Grey and Nebula Blue.

As with most Android hero devices scheduled to come out or have already come out this year, the power inside of the OnePlus 7 Pro will originate from Qualcomm. Yes, Snapdragon 855 is running the OnePlus 2019 show and supported by 6GB or 12GB of RAM.

Sure enough, the details known as of now, whether confirmed or unconfirmed, point to a OnePlus 7 Pro release that is completely souped-up and worthy of flagship status. But the best thing, the handset is said to be priced reasonably and will start at $750, which is not exactly cheap but is still more affordable compared to other flagship options.



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