Online Gaming Continues to Thrive

Despite the many struggles for business through 2020 and the pandemic period, and even now heading into 2021 where it looks like there will further troubles ahead as the UK has once again entered another lockdown, there have been some industries that have thrived throughout the past nine or so months. Those primarily based online were largely spared much of the difficulty as operations could continue without restriction, and one of those, gaming, has continued to move from strength to strength.

The first area is within streaming and content creation of gaming – many live streamers were able to tack on additional hours to their usual schedule, content creators were able to put out more videos, and viewers were able to consume much more than they usually would. Alongside this, many with extra free time decided to test their own hand in this space and the number of new channels created to vent creativity also rocketed during the pandemic period – gaming across all audiences had been consumed more than ever before.

Player numbers would also see huge increases – popular online platforms started to record the highest concurrent numbers on records with platforms such as Steam hitting 25 million concurrent players which is solely available on the PC platform. Online gaming for mobiles was also another huge success story, finding a lot of growth in recent years anyway as changing attitudes towards gaming have attracted a newer demographic, the closure of offline entertainment led many to turn to digital alternatives – online gambling through online casinos for example are one of the big during the pandemic as despite efforts to restrict player numbers through certain restrictive measures, new players continued to stream in to the growing number of services offered by operators. This was also pushed by offers, such as those found at This helped bring in more players to not bingo and other casino games.

Online Gaming Continues to Thrive

With the release of the next generation consoles and the huge sales numbers too, dedicated gaming platforms have also hit a huge surge over the holiday period and will continue to do so in the coming months when availability grows and more consoles can be sold which had been limited due to manufacturing and logistical restrictions.

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It’s certainly an exciting time for gamers across the world – newer hardware has allowed new titles to become extremely complex with advanced features, other hardware like virtual reality is becoming more available too and opening a new door in gaming, and the previously mentioned mobile gaming is allowing a whole new generation which are typically a little older to access gaming where they may not have been able to otherwise. With such diversity there’s something for everyone, and with the introduction over the past few years of features like microtransactions, many have been not only able to stay afloat but thrive where many other sectors are struggling, showing just how much longevity still remains in the gaming market.

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