Online Poker Vs Live Poker Games: Which Is Easier and Top 10 Differences

Online Poker Vs Live Poker Games: Which Is Easier and Top 10 Differences

“Whether online or live, poker is still poker” – A lot of people believe this statement to be true while most do not. Despite the school of thought, you belong to; the fact remains that “the fundamentals of both versions of poker are the same”. 

You just have to play both versions of poker to understand why it is so.

In this article though, we will be doing a comparison of online and live poker by focusing on the aspects where they differ, as well as addressing the argument of whether live poker is easier than online poker and vice versa. 

We will be addressing these subjects and more in detail throughout this article. Stick with us to know more, yeah?

Online Poker Vs Live Poker Games: Which Is Easier?

If you are still reading, then it is safe to assume that you are just as curious as I thought to find out Which among Online Poker vs Live is the easier option to play?

Live poker is considered to be easier than online poker. There are several reasons why this is true and most prominent is that the ability to multi-table and play many more hands per hour plus all the available tracking tools gives online players a lot more inputs to help them become better players which makes the whole playing field harder to beat.

The fact that, online poker has the time-bank feature in which players have only a certain amount of time to react makes online poker harder than live poker

Still not convinced, here are detailed reasons to note as well:

Players Tend to Win More Money in Live Than Online

In online poker, most player usually start their poker career in the lower stakes and their favorite to play is the $25 NL table online. It has been noted that the difficulty to make even $100 after playing for several hours is quite high. Also, with the rake, there is not much profit in playing online.

But, in live poker, to play a $1/2 No limit you need to buy in a minimum of $1000 to $2000. So, you tend to win more in live poker than online poker.

Players Have All the Resources While Playing Online

Online poker players tend to have more resources at their disposal. I know you are thinking this is supposed to make the game easier right? But you are wrong, it makes it harder and much more challenging to win with these tools online since all the other players are equipped with them. Even if the player is really good, those tools online help the opponent and they become just as threatening as the player, maybe more.

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But live poker players have no tools to aid them, they consistently have to be on top of their game all the time even when playing for fun.

Players Can Have a Read on an Opponent in Live Than Online

You see, live poker players need to have good control of their emotion to prevent any tells which in a way makes it easier than online poker because you can at least get a read on your opponent but in online poker, players cannot see their opponents tells or even read them, this makes online poker harder than live poker.

Live Players Are Less Eager to Win Than Online Players

In Live poker, a lot of players from different places come to play who are not that eager to win. Most of these players visit Casinos to have fun and have a great time. They usually do not play their best in these games. Winning would be a bonus for most of the people who visit casinos. Don’t get me wrong. Some players play seriously even in live. But the number of serious players is less in general compared to the fun band.

But online poker is usually played by much more serious players who are all looking to earn money. Most of these players value their money a lot, hence the need for a secure payment system for online poker is a big deal. Players won’t frequent any online poker website that isn’t secure. They want to know their money is safe and they are eager to win to earn more money.

These are the top 4 reasons why it is easier to win and earn in live poker than online poker.

Online Poker Vs Live Poker Games: Top 10 Differences.

There are many significant differences between online and live poker. It is due to these differences that the overall experience you get from playing live poker isn’t the same as that of online poker. It is possible that some of these differences even have significant effects on certain aspects of the game. Let’s find out which one has the most advantages to offer, shall we?

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1. Speed of Play

This is perhaps one of the biggest and most tangible differences between online poker and live poker. Playing online is a lot faster than live poker, and the main reason for this is automation. In essence, many of the actions carried out at a live poker table are done automatically in online poker.

For instance, the shuffling of the deck after each round, the counting of chips, and the almost instantaneous dealing of the cards are done automatically in online poker. Meanwhile, these actions would have to be carried out manually by a dealer in live poker.

2. Convenience & Comfort

Playing online poker has proven to be more convenient than playing live poker, especially if a player does not live anywhere near a casino or poker room. There are a lot of sites that allow players to play from a mobile device these days, so there is no need for players to leave the comfort of their homes, as they can play anytime they choose just by firing up their computer or mobile phones, and logging into whichever poker site they use.

3. Game Availability

Most casinos only open during certain hours of the day. There are most casinos however that open 24 hours a day, which is great and all. But you see, there isn’t much guarantee that you’ll always find a table to join as there are peak days for casinos where all the tables are usually filled up. So, if you do not arrive on time, you risk not being able to play poker. How inconvenient right?

But online poker sites never close and games are available round the clock. Granted, most times are busier than others, but there will always be something to play.

4. Social Factor

The ability to have a laugh and a joke with opponents is a big part of what makes poker such an enjoyable game for many players. Of course, Some players aren’t too bothered by this aspect, as most sites include a chat function on their tables, so you can at least communicate with your fellow players or just focus on the game, but overall, it’s fair to say that the social factor is something that gives live poker the edge over playing online

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5. Game Selection

The selection of games available at poker sites isn’t even comparable to what’s available in a live environment. There’s a massive variety of games to choose from online, whereas options are usually quite limited in live poker rooms.

6. Range of Stakes

In online poker, there is a wide range of stakes that’s suitable for all budgets. You can play cash games with blinds as low as $0.01/$0.02 and some tournaments can cost as low as one dollar to enter. There are also plenty of high stakes available for those who like to wager substantial amounts.

This is different from what you’ll find in a live poker room.

7. Option to Multi-Table

multi-tabling can be defined as playing at multiple tables at the same time. This is easy to do at most online poker sites, but it’s essentially impossible to do in live casinos.

The option to multi-table allows players to make or lose money at a significantly faster rate. Therefore, it can be considered a big advantage or disadvantage depending on your perspective.

8. Reads & Tells

The ability to gain physical reads on your opponents can be invaluable and this is something that live poker offers.

Paying close attention to an opponent’s body gestures and other clues gives you an idea of their next move. Online poker does not favor reads and tell, but one way to achieve this is to study the style of play of your opponents and you’ll be able to predict their moves better.

9. Game Analysis

Another notable difference between playing live and online is that there’s no automatic record of your hands in a live environment, whereas at poker sites all your hands are recorded and available for you to review upon request

10. Bonuses & Rewards

This is relevant to a lot of players. Virtually all poker sites give their players some form of extra value in the way of bonuses and rewards, while live poker rooms generally do very little by comparison.

I hope that by knowing these key differences between the two, you have been able to come to your conclusion about which version of poker is the best option to play.


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