Opinion: The new McLaren Speedtail isn't fast enough

I have only one question about the new McLaren Speedtail’s 250mph top speed: why is it so low? 

Now, I’m not pretending for a moment that 250mph is anything other than seriously fast. But the McLaren F1 was launched in 1992 and did 243mph on 400 fewer horsepower, with top speed so far off the design agenda that it took four years for McLaren to bother finding it out. 

The Speedtail’s extra weight will be a factor. Mass has little influence on top speed, other than necessitating more power to achieve it, but it has a great effect on road tyres. Bugatti limits its two-tonne Chiron’s top speed to 261mph for tyre safety reasons, and the Speedtail may be in a similar position. 


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