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Orange Logos: Meaning and Examples

Orange Logos: Meaning and Examples

A logo is a very important emblem of any enterprise. The face of the company that maintains the image and style. It is by it that many people remember about the services and goods offered. Therefore, the logo should be as simple as possible and cause positive emotions in the client. The right and original label helps to make any product unusual and distinctive from competitors. 

A simple example is an apple on Apple products. Almost any customer is ready to buy a laptop or smartphone just because of one glowing apple. The logo helps well in the promotion and advertising of the product. After all, it is printed everywhere: on business cards, banners, on social networks.

 Therefore, the company’s logo should be easy and memorable. So that when a person sees the logo, he remembers it. An effective logo will help you distinguish yourself from competitors, increase the number of customers and increase profits.

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Orange Color in the Label

 Numerous studies have proven that the color scheme of the logo has a tremendous impact on the human brain. And in this article we will talk about the influence of orange. The orange color is formed as a result of mixing red and yellow. This color means the personification of cheerfulness and has a positive effect on the mood of customers. Creates the impression of home comfort and coziness. Plus, this shade means movement, youth and friendliness. The orange color in the logos makes you mentally transported to the tropics, where sunlight gives so much happiness; this color usually causes a surge of creative energy and determination to do something and stimulates mental activity.

Feature Orange

A distinctive feature of the orange color is that it does not cause too many vivid emotions and does not put pressure on a person. This shade is considered the color of creativity and means maturity of personality. Especially if the product you are promoting solves problems or gives positive emotions.Undoubtedly, orange is suitable for almost all areas of business, but there are those where it will look best:

  •  Pharmaceuticals-hope and peace. Orange is well suited for advertising medicines and means a symbol of health.
  • Children’s goods- joy and fun. When it comes to children’s goods, the orange color is an ideal option. It radiates the sun and warmth and causes only positive emotions in kids.
  • Food-juicy taste. Persimmon, tangerine, orange-these are all orange sweets. A great option for a product or beverage logo.

Global Brands with an Orange Logo

  1. Perhaps the most recognizable brand with orange color is the Parisian fashion house Hermes. The company is so in demand that it does not need expensive advertising promotions. The iconic orange box of Hermès products is famous for its sophistication and the highest quality.
  2. Xiaomi also uses orange color in its logo. The brand has introduced minor changes in the shape of the logo. Previously, the label’s square corners acquired more rounded shapes, and the MI typography was redesigned. And now the new company logo looks more aesthetically pleasing. The corporate color remains orange in order to continue to convey the vivacity and youth of Xiaomi.
  3. One of the largest companies that have adopted the orange color is EasyGroup. In the EasyGroup holding, orange covers all brands — from the oldest of them, easyJet, to hotels and car rental. Moreover, the color in all cases occupies a significant part of the space.
  4. The Amazon logo highlights the availability of a wide selection thanks to the orange arrow between the letters A and Z, which means from beginning to end. The company’s logo seems to hint to the buyer that he can find anything here. Also, this arrow seems to smile, due to the bending of the lower part of the letter Z. 
  5. The MasterCard logo is made up of combinations of red and orange colors. Red means power and courage and orange is the beginning of prosperity. In tandem, this is said to be the key to wealth with a MasterCard card.

 Orange was one of the most recent color words added to the English language. Orange color adds fun to any photo or product. He is attractive and not as domineering as red. Many marketers still use this color to call customers to action or shopping.

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