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Community transit providers in the throughout Oregon will benefit from newly awarded funds approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) on July 18. The more than $19 million in funds awarded comes from the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) Discretionary Program and Statewide Transit Network Program. 

OTC approved the 2019-21 awards following a competitive statewide process that will distribute nearly $10.6 million in STIF Discretionary, $7.3 million in STIF Intercommunity Discretionary and $1.3 million in Federal Transit Administration Intercity (Section 5311(f)) funds.

Thirty-seven recipients will use the funds for improvements such as adding new routes to fill gaps in the statewide transit network. They also will increase the frequency of transit service, purchase 38 buses and more than 400 new pieces of equipment (e.g., security cameras, electronic fare systems) and construct or renovate transit facilities.


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