Outsource Marketing VS Inhouse Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing is Better

Outsource Marketing VS Inhouse Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing is Better

Marketing plays a major role in the success of your business. But marketing in businesses is playing with fire. You’re supposed to give out great results and most preferably in a short span of time. 

In the marketing world, you always try to get ahead or at pace with what is new. Sometimes, businesses and companies fall short in achieving marketing targets on time. One minute you come up with a strategy, the next minute your competitors are up to a new and exciting idea.

Because of these risks and possibilities of falling short with time and resources, companies opt to get help from marketing specialists from an external source. This is what the world calls outsource marketing.

What is Outsource Marketing?

Giving you the tip of the iceberg for this broad topic, outsourced marketing helps you stay in pace and strategize marketing ideas with the help of marketing agencies. These marketing agencies are hired by different companies to deliver a wide array of marketing services for the company. 

Since these agencies already have a complete team (e.g., SEO, graphic designer, project manager, etc.) companies and businesses don’t have to spend bucks in hiring individual personnel to work on a specific marketing strategy and end up laying them off after a specific project.

Why choose Outsource Marketing?

When you are running a business or a company and you or your managers have their hands full already, why not ask for help and a little lift from different people who can deliver quality marketing services? In general, choosing outsourced marketing can help you increase efficiency, fill in the gaps and leave you at the same pace with your competitors or better; ahead of them.

1. It’s cost and time efficient.

Hiring marketing staff individually can be time consuming and inefficient in terms of costs. In a marketing team there are different team members that are valuable in the gameplay. So why choose popcorn in a different store, donut on the next, and soda on the next when you can get a full package or a combo of the three?

2. Focus.

Hiring an external lift with your marketing strategies and plans, can help you manage your core goals and focus more on the main target of the company or the business. Outsource marketing can help you release the burden from your staff and have your in-house staff focus on the company’s deliverables.

For starters, lead generation can be turned over to an external marketing team since this can be a tedious job for your staff.

3. Achieve a speedy growth.

When you hire individual marketing personnel and form your own team, it needs time to assemble them all. You will need enough time to get them in line with your goal and to train (or cross-train) them to become efficient. 

When you outsource marketing, these provided groups of people have been working together for quite a long time already. They already know how to adjust with each other to deliver the needed service and to realign themselves to meet a goal. This will give room to your internal company personnel a fast and accelerated growth.

4. Increase your talent pool.

Marketing is ever changing. The idea and the environment of business marketing two years ago is different in today’s marketing environment. These people in your outsource marketing team, have been there in years and have been adapting to these changes. They have been learning, relearning, and introducing new or updated marketing tools. In effect, you would get an increase in your pool of talents in the company. You can then easily tap to different talents and perspectives in strategizing and soon, achieving the goal.

5. You will be adaptive.

With the marketing as ever changing, competitors are adapting as well. Old competitors realigning themselves to be ahead and new competitors emerging. And because you have an external team out there in the wild hunting for new ideas and adapting to new tools and technology, you’d be sitting inside your premises waiting for them to give you results that would boost you up.

But Seriously…

Outsource marketing and choosing one can be a smart move for your company or your small business. But it would be a move that needs serious consideration. It would need you to consider your resources, your time, and your goals to achieve.

Marketing strategies can be efficient in different spans of time. Some plans are good for a quarter, and some are good for a few years. But the planning is the most tedious and the most time-consuming stage. But after a certain marketing plan and after it’s used and put into action, some marketing staff won’t be needed anymore or constant checking in and reporting is not needed anymore. If you are a person who is not a devout micromanager, then outsource marketing is for you. It would take a big step, of course, to hand over your business’s marketing to a different group, but sometimes, a leap of faith is all it takes. 

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