Palletline: Pallet Racking Systems and Why You Should Choose Professional Pallet Carriers

Palletline: Pallet Racking Systems and Why You Should Choose Professional Pallet Carriers

When it comes to packaging and shipping items, nothing takes center stage quite like pallets. With pallets, you have a secure and convenient way of shipping your items. Plus, pallets are cost-effective. They maximize space, enhance safety, and improve workflow efficiency.   Pallets come with pallet racking systems. These systems are used to store pallets together. There are several types of racking systems for pallets. To get the most out of them, it’s important to learn about these different types of systems. Here is a breakdown regarding different types of racking systems.

Selective Racking

Most warehouses, stores, as well as retail marts, use this type of racking system. This pallet racking system resembles a giant shelving based unit featuring numerous vertical beams. This system works by supporting horizontal beams that are arranged in a manner that creates individual shelves for every pallet. In most cases, this system is preferred in settings where accessibility is of paramount importance. This is because this system allows for quick and easy access to pallets from the aisles. However, this system doesn’t come with full storage density.

Drive-In or Drive-Through Pallet Racking System

Similar to Selective Racking, drive-in pallet racking based systems come with access points at the ends. Unlike Selective Racking (where the access of the pallets is from the aisle), the drive-in systems require forklifts to access the contents. Here, a forklift can be driven directly into the bay’s center. The best thing about this system is that it comes with an impressive storage capacity. That’s why it’s preferred in storage settings involving a high quantity of storage needs—especially the same products.

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Flow Rack & Push Back

The Flow Rack & Push Back is another popular option used in storage and shipping purposes. With this system, you have a system that leverages on the gravity conveyor belt to place your pallets in exit positions. The system can also use a strip for pallet positioning purposes. Thus, warehouse staff can easily and conveniently access the items at any time. Here, once items have been loaded, the next pallet will move forward into that position. The process repeats itself until the pallets are over. The loading of this system is from the rear side. This means that the first pallets are moved first before the second, third, fourth, etc. It’s also important to note that the push back system means that the first pallet is the last one to be removed.

How to Choose the Right Pallet Racking System

Don’t just select any pallet ranking system. It’s important to consider your needs and choose a system that suits your explicit needs. Here are a few considerations to consider before selecting a pallet racking system for your needs.

  • Floor space—look at the floor space you have. Select a racking system that won’t eat a lot of space—especially if you are operating in limited space.
  • Height of ceilings—what’s the height of your ceiling? Look for a system that won’t interfere with your ceiling. Measure the ceiling first before selecting a racking system.
  • Products—consider the type of products you intend to store.
  • Accessibility—how frequently do you plan to access the pallets? If you want more accessibility, go for a selective racking system. It’s easy to access the pallets.
  • Forklift Lift heights—the height of your forklifts should also be taken into consideration.
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 Why Choose a Professional Pallet Carrier

When it comes to handling pallet deliveries, professionalism is of paramount importance. With a professional pallet carrier, you can be sure of the safety and security of your items. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a professional pallet carrier:

Flexible Scheduling

Professional pallet carriers understand the power of flexibility when it comes to pallet delivery. So, if you hate those cumbersome delivery windows and strict cut off schedules, choose a professional pallet carrier. With a professional pallet carrier, you can schedule your pallet delivery within hours or even in advance. This gives you a lot of flexibility as far as scheduling your pallet deliveries is concerned.

Affordable Pricing

Unlike traditional movers, professional movers are cheaper, convenient, and reliable. In fact, you can end up saving up to 50 percent. They are faster and cost-effective.


Professional pallet carriers use modern technology—which makes it convenient to move items from one point to another conveniently. Plus, you can make your request online.  


All professional movers have commercial insurance policies. This means that you are protected. You won’t have to worry about things like breakages or theft of your items. Delicate stock will be protected by the pallet. Remember, professional pallet carriers understand the power of customer satisfaction. So, they will employ all resources to ensure that the goods are delivered in the best quality. Plus, they have the machinery to handle large goods. From forklifts to other pallet handling machines, you can trust professional pallet carriers to deliver greater customer satisfaction.  

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Track Your Goods

Professional pallet carriers allow you to track your goods. This means that you will be able to monitor movement.

Increased Delivery Efficiency

With professional pallet delivery like palletline, you can be sure of increased delivery efficiency. For instance, you can design deliveries to be time-specific. You will also get real-time progress reports regarding the goods being shipped. Plus, letting experts handle the deliveries means that your staff can be left to focus on the core tasks of your business. This will not only boost their efficiency but also cut a lot of costs. Plus, professional pallet carriers promote greater customer satisfaction. Remember, professional pallet carriers can benefit your business with robust, efficient, as well as failsafe deliveries. This will boost your brand’s overall reputation—which is a key ingredient in business growth. So, if you are a smart thinking business, think pallet deliveries. They will take your logistics to another new level and make you a reputable brand.

The Bottom-Line

The above are common types of pallet racking systems. Understand the features and benefits of each type. From here, you can choose a type that suits your explicit needs.

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