Partner Content Video: Climate Investing Masterclass

According to Dr Jason Hickel, economic anthropologist, author, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts “We are standing now at inflection point in human history.  What is happening to our planet is more urgent and dangerous than anything our species has ever faced.  We have a very small window of time to change course, but to do so will require more than just a bit of tweaking around the edges of our system.  What we need now is to boldly transform how we run the economy.”

Lyxor ETF were recently joined by Jason and a world-class panel of climate thought leaders to discuss the power and responsibility we all have as investors to force through a fossil fuel revolution, and the investments we can use to help achieve the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C warming scenario. 

Below is a brief trailer of the discussion. To view the full Masterclass (no registration required), click here 


For professional clients only. Capital at risk


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