Passed your Driving test? Here is what to do next…

Passed your Driving test? Here is what to do next…

Congratulations! You are now the happy and proud owner of an official UK driving license – finally freedom. As much as any young person will want to hit the open road as soon as the examiner says those all-important words, it is vital you are prepared to start solo driving. Expert driving instructors, Beverly Slater have provided some of their useful tips and information for what to do next once you have passed your driving test. Completing the practical test is just the start of your new journey as a qualified driver. 

Continue the Good Practices your Instructor Taught You

It may be tempting to pick up your friends, get in the car, go for a drive, and forget all the important rules and steps your instructor taught you. To maintain good driving and to keep safe, take things slow to begin with and practice with short journeys on your own first. Then, once you feel confident being without your instructor, you can take your friends and family with you, developing your skills as a driver and being responsible for passengers. As long as you continue to follow the helpful tips taught to your during your driving lessons. 

Remember Insurance and Tax 

If you were insured on a parent’s or guardian’s car whilst learning you will have had learner insurance. As a qualified learner it is time to change this or insure yourself on a new car. Your learner insurance will no longer cover you, so this is one of the first things you must do once you have passed your driving test. If you are buying your own vehicle, you will not be able to legally drive this until you have insurance. You can find price comparison sites online which will give you an overview of insurance providers and how much they will charge you monthly or annually. 

Hand in hand with insurance, comes road tax. This is an annual amount of money you will pay to the government to use a car on the roads. If vehicle tax is not paid for the police will pull you over and your car could be clamped and even crushed. 

Look after Your Driving License 

On the day of your driving test, and once you have successfully passed, you will hand over your green provisional license to your examiner. At this point you are now a qualified driver, and although you may have to wait a few weeks to receive your new pink license, you can begin driving straight away (with insurance and tax). When you receive your new license, ensure you take good care of this. It will be your proof of identification and can be expensive to replace. 

Use P Plates 

P plates are extremely beneficial for newly qualified drivers. Sticking these onto your car will inform other road users that you are a new driver and that they should be vigilant of you. This will help when you inevitably stall as you get used to driving your own car. Many new drivers found that using P plates meant other drivers were patient with them and gave them space. Not only will this allow for a safer driving experience but will also keep you gaining in confidence, rather than feeling nervous and scared. 

Consider a Pass Plus Course 

Although not essential, a Pass Plus course helps newly qualified drivers advance their driving knowledge and confidence. Booking a pass plus with an instructor will cover various modules, of which you will not have covered in your traditional driving lessons. This includes motorway driving and how to drive in different weather conditions. The good news is, you won’t have to complete another test, these courses are purely knowledge based and helping you gain experience. 

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