Passive funds, very short term debt funds see big inflows in April

Equity mutual funds continued to see positive inflows despite high volatility in the stock market. According to data released by Association of Mutual Funds in India, all equity mutual fund categories saw inflows in the month of April with a total net inflow of Rs 15,890.38 crore.

Thematic funds lapped up most of the inflows among equity fund categories, followed by large & mid cap funds. ELSS and Dividend Yield funds saw the lowest inflows. Here’s the data:

Scheme Name Net Inflow (+ve)/Outflow (-ve) for the month of April 2022 (INR in crore)
Multi Cap Fund 1,340.36
Large Cap Fund 1,258.96
Large & Mid Cap Fund 2,049.52
Mid Cap Fund 1,549.69
Small Cap Fund 1,716.68
Dividend Yield Fund 94.06
Value Fund/Contra Fund 744.37
Focused Fund 1,277.66
Sectoral/Thematic Funds 3,843.51
ELSS 306.82
Flexi Cap Fund 1,708.75

Index funds saw a net inflows of Rs 6,061.86 crore and ETFs other than gold received a whopping Rs 8,662.80 crore in April. Inflows into gold ETFs stood at Rs 1,100.37 crore.

Debt mutual funds faced the wrath of the RBI raising rates. Except for very short term funds, all other categories saw massive outflows. Overnight Fund, Liquid Fund, Ultra Short Duration Fund, Low Duration Fund, Money Market Fund and Floater Fund categories saw positive inflows. Short duration funds saw the maximum outflows among debt fund categories.

Scheme Name Net Inflow (+ve)/Outflow (-ve) for the month of April 2022 (INR in crore)
Overnight Fund 4,128.06
Liquid Fund 28,730.99
Ultra Short Duration Fund 15,089.47
Low Duration Fund 1,491.90
Money Market Fund 16,193.75
Short Duration Fund -4,452.00
Medium Duration Fund -1,363.50
Medium to Long Duration Fund -409.76
Long Duration Fund 26.64
Dynamic Bond Fund -196.69
Corporate Bond Fund -2,552.76
Credit Risk Fund -283.12
Banking and PSU Fund -3,096.28
Gilt Fund -106.37
Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration 37.85
Floater Fund 1,518.42

In the hybrid fund category, Arbitrage funds saw big inflows worth Rs 4,092 crore.

“Despite volatility in markets and fear around macros both globally and locally, it is a good trend to see continued positive flows in equities. Though lower than last month which may be due to NFO allotment, SIP flows are holding strong which is also very positive. It will be interesting to see ongoing investment trends given the intensity of volatility being very high, I do expect positive trend to continue going forward though,” says Akhil Chaturvedi, Chief Business Officer, Motilal Oswal AMC.


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