Pay parents to tap the kiddie market

Frankly, when it comes to the latest flak faced by Meta nee Facebook from advocacy groups who want the soul-sucking behemoth to scrap data-gathering – because they believe it enables ‘surveillance advertising’ for young users – we’re on the side of the Dementor of Menlo Park. Meta, halo firmly above its head, has, of course, denied using data to target under-18s with ads based on their browsing activity. But even if they did, so? If 60 is the new 40, and 40 is the new 20, then, by consumption trends, under-18s make the new teen market. And, if there’s a market, can a good salesman be rapped for pushing his wares? Nope – carry on, Piper!

Our concern – well, more line of thinking – lies elsewhere. Mine data and throw ads at the munchkins, by all means. But, Piper, you gotta pay. Understandably, even if Meta is willing to pay for under-18 or even pre-teen consumption data, it can’t put money in the hands of minors now, can it? So, it would be best to put the money in the hands of these kids’ guardians and/or parents for the dainty data gathered. That would not only be fair, but by the Valley’s ingenious standards, very hip and not at all square. This would encourage retail as well as building stronger intergenerational bonds. And it’s not as if Zuckerberg‘s Santa, who can, indeed, get any kid’s wishlist for Christmas gifts free of charge.


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