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PBET Token ICO: Safe Online Crypto Gambling Casino for Players? – Bitcoin Exchange Guide


What Is PBET?

PBET is a unique and innovative project that bridges the gap between physical and online gaming through its unified gaming platform. PBET will bridge these two gaming channels by simultaneously integrating the entire gaming process with instant crypto gambling payments and connecting all the participants including Players, Physical casinos, and PBET in the advanced token-based reward system.

The Problem PBET Seeks To Solve

Physical casinos that want to take part in online gambling require standard online gaming software and an initial investment combined with monthly fees, which is usually high most of the times. This option limits small and mid-sized casinos that would like to provide their players with immense gaming experiences.

PBET will provide a solution to this problem through its unique Unified Gaming Platform and an Omni-channel that will convert physical gaming to interactive gaming. These solutions focus on B2B physical casinos by helping them expand their horizons to the online world. To access the solutions, small and mid-sized casinos do not have to make an initial investment.

Currently, PBET has 20 physical casinos as its clients in the casino management system.

How PBET Works

The PBET business model specializes in partnerships with physical casinos in order to offer their highly valued customers with access to online gaming at a reduced acquisition cost. The physical casinos will be able to acquire relevant information on their gamers; the casinos can then use the information to personalize their games, which will improve the gaming experience.

Furthermore, through the connecting of Players, PBET, and Physical casinos, PBET is able to create customized value addition for each of the participants including zero transaction fees for the players and casinos, and instant payments.

PBET also features an Omni-channel PBET Reward Club where users can form partnerships with the hospitality sector. This will increase the free offering accessible to the players and enable casinos and partners to cross-sell their products and services.

PBET Accepted Token

The PBET token will power the entire PBET gaming ecosystem and used in the physical and online casino integrated with PBET. With this token, players will be able to transfer their funds to the casino while playing.

PBET Advantages

For Casinos

PBET provides casinos with turnkey solutions and an advanced revenue sharing model that simplifies the process of penetrating into the online space for physical casinos. The solutions are combined with highly skilled and specialized resources among the partner casinos.

Additionally, PBET will integrate the land-based insights and use cross-channel promos to unify the players clubs.

For Players

To ensure that there are reduced transactional fees when playing the casino games, players will be able to make crypto payments or fund transfers using their e-wallets. When the players win the games, they can instantly withdraw their winning at the physical casinos’ cashiers or through crypto payments.

Furthermore, the physical games and online games are linked through events, promos, shared reward club and many more, which provides the players with a grand gaming experience.

PBET Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: PBET
  • Total token supply: 154,000,000 PBET
  • Token supply during ICO: 108 000 000 PBET
  • ICO date: April 22 – December 15, 2019
  • Exchange rate: 1 PBET = 0.20 USD
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Soft Cap: $2M USD
  • Hard Cap: $17.5M USD


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