PC World fails to deliver as two-day repair turns into 12

I’m an unhappy customer of PC World and its Team Knowhow. On 15 July I took my computer in because the on/off switch didn’t work. After weeks of going backwards and forwards, and having to buy a new motherboard and a new hard drive, I finally was told the computer was fixed and would be returned in two days. That was 12 days ago. Despite me showing up every day at PC World, phoning the repair team regularly and demanding attention, I am still waiting. I teach online so it has been a nightmare. A simple fix has become an expensive exercise without any result. I am furious.

PE, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Your letter is yet another example of customer service departments being swamped with queries and unable to cope. Like other Guardian Money readers, you struggled to get a response from Team Knowhow and turned to us in desperation.

Currys PC World told us the repair was completed and the machine passed quality assurance in mid-August. However, due to human error, this wasn’t scanned into the system and, as a result, your computer didn’t make its way back to the store for collection.

After we made contact, it escalated the issue and delivered the machine to your local store. It has agreed to cover the cost of repair and arranged for a £129 refund.

Currys PC World says: “We are truly sorry that PE didn’t receive the standard of customer service that we expect (of ourselves). We have apologised for the inconvenience and frustration, and have agreed to cover the full cost of the PC repair as a gesture of goodwill. Our customer is happy with the resolution.”

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