The survey, with a deadline of April 26, will help set transportation priorities.

The State Transportation Commission is asking the public to participate in a survey to share thoughts on transportation in Pennsylvania.

The feedback will be considered as PennDOT updates its 12-year transportation plan, which maps out long-term projects.

The survey, which is online at, asks what modes of transportation you use and how you would prioritize spending. Should Pennsylvania spend more on new roads, trains and buses or sidewalks?

The survey uses graphs showing current spending and demonstrates the challenge of budgeting. Perhaps the most important feature is the survey’s interactive map that allows you to mark transportation trouble spots and answer a series of questions about the concern.

If the area marked is already on PennDOT’s 12-year plan, a box will pop up explaining the planned project and ask the survey-taker if the plan would address their concerns.

“Balancing competing transportation priorities is a challenge, but what’s important to you is important to us too,” the survey says.

Since March 11, at least 3,700 people have taken the survey, and 1,500 people used the mapping tool to show trouble spots across the state, PennDOT spokeswoman Erin Waters-Trasatt said.

The survey is open until April 26.


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