Photographer captures stunning ‘lunar corona’ shot during lockdown

A lunar corona which looks like a rainbow around the moon captured by photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza. (Credits: Alberto Ghizzi Panizza/

This stunning image shows the moon surrounded by a celestial rainbow.

The rare phenomenon – known as a lunar corona – occurs when light reflecting off the moon’s silvery surface is split by water particles or ice crystals in the air.

This creates a rainbow or halo effect around the planet.

The image was captured by photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 45, near the northern Italian city of Parma.

He said: ‘I have seen this phenomenon several times, but I had never been able to photograph it.

Photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza captured the picture while in lockdown in Italy. (Credits: Alberto Ghizzi Panizza/

‘This time, seeing it from home for the lockdown, I had with me all the necessary equipment to best capture this moment.

‘Between 10pm and 12am I took a few hundred photos of the moon that created halos, iridescences and crowns among clouds and veils.’

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