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Physio avoids jail after secretly filming teen: Andrew Weinzettel sentenced to ICO – NEWS.com.au

A physiotherapist who secretly filmed a teen undressing and showering has avoided jail.

Andrew Weinzettel, 53, pleaded guilty to seven counts of filming a person’s private parts without their consent — including those of a teenage girl.

Magistrate Fiona McCarron today convicted Weinzettel at Liverpool Local Court and sentenced him to 30 months imprisonment, however, his sentence is to be served by way of an intensive correction order (ICO) in the community.

The standard conditions of ICOs are that the offender is not to commit any offence during the selected time period and must submit to supervision by a community corrections officer.

Weinzettel’s additional conditions required him to participate in any program, treatment, intervention or related activity specified by the officer during the 30 months.

He must also accept counselling and treatment from a psychologist for as long as is deemed appropriate and be of good behaviour while doing so.

The ICO will expire on April 20, 2022.

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In August, Weinzettel told the court the criminal charges had “cost me everything”.

“It was a bad misjudgment. Would I do it again? No,” he said.

“It cost me everything in my life. It cost me my family, my children first, my business and everything I got.”

Weinzettel — who was married with children at the time — handed himself in to police in November 2018, the day after a covert camera made to look like a clothes hook was found at the clinic which had a swimming pool for patients to use.

Police went through the camera’s memory card, finding videos of two women — one being the teen — getting undressed and showering, court documents read.

Police charges stated the videos had been recorded sometimes between 2015 and 2018.

Detectives raided Weinzettel’s home, and with the physiotherapist’s help, found more hidden SD cards.

Those SD cards had further videos of the same teenager showering naked at a home in Cecil Hills.

In one video, Weinzettel’s hands can be seen picking up the camera and placing it in a bathroom. Before leaving, Weinzettel looks directly into the camera.

Seconds later, the teenage girl goes into the bathroom to shower, court documents read.


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