Piping and bordering can embellish an otherwise plain piece of furniture


he tassels, edgings and embellishments of contemporary homeware often place the decorated sofa, cushion or throw in questions into the hugely popular category of Maximalism. Contrasting fringing or bordering in clashing colours, patterns and fabrics from the likes of House of Hackney or Pearl Lowe’s homeware offering are understandably ubiquitous in some of the most beautiful homes today. However, a more pared-back approach to passementerie has begun to catch my eye. In particular, piping and bordering in sophisticated and understated tones can embellish an otherwise plain piece of furniture or home accessory, giving it a sense of place and a more considered level of detail.

One of the most instantly gratifying places to begin to add these pared-back embellishments is in the bedroom. Bedlinen featuring bordering in a contrasting fabric or colour will frame your bed and give it more structure when it’s made. Sheridan’s Corlette linen is a great example in 100 per cent cotton with a sateen square embroidery detail that gives an otherwise simple white sheet a certain assertiveness, especially as the bordering is repeated on the pillowcases.

Collection One by Burleigh, Palisade, (Burleigh, Palisade)

Another impactful way to bring in these silhouette-like design details is with your upholstery. A sofa or armchair featuring contrasting piping brings the focus to the area of the room in which it is situated. Caravane’s Limalaya sofa and the Kelling Sofa by KD Loves are perfect examples of edging and piping done right. Owner of Caravane, Veronique Piedeleu, believes that “pairing understated fabrics with tassels, trimmings and contrasting edges instantly elevates a sofa, thus the space around it”.

If you’re looking for a more creative project, adding borders and decorative details to your walls can be easily achieved with paint and a good chunk of time indoors. Andrew Martin’s new and unprecedented range of paint colours inspired by global travel has a varied and diverse chromatic offering, and its Design Director, David Harris, suggests using the performance paints to create borders on your walls. “Painting architraves, dado rails and skirting boards in contrasting colours can give your walls a passementerie-inspired flair,” Harris says, advising, “using a contrasting tone to highlight architectural details and aspects of the room to give the space a defined shape.”

Sheridan’s Corlette linen(Sheridan)

Last but not least, find little accessories that incorporate edging, tasseling or borders to bring this look into your home in a more manageable, accessible way. The table is a great place to start for accessories. There are many glassware options, for example, from Birdie Fortescue and LSA that incorporate a splash of colour to tumblers and wine glasses at the rims and bases. Where ceramics are concerned, Burleigh Pottery’s new Palisade design which forms part of a mix and match dining collection, Collection One, also plays into this theme, adding a border to its flatware for a contemporary take on its traditional blue and white patterns. Matilda Goad’s scalloped embroidered napkins provide the perfect hint of colour in a refined, pared-back way and would pair brilliantly with the Rosa Linen tablecloth from Soho Home in a relaxed, parchment tone with matching tassels.


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