Pixel 5 unmasked: Google brings a feature we all want …but a design we really don't

But while the design might not be to everyone’s tastes… there is a feature that will likely have Pixel fans across the world punching the air. The alleged design includes an ultra-wide camera. For some reason, Google left-out the ultra-wide from its Pixel 4 series – even after it praised the technology as “fun” on-stage before stating that telephoto lens are more useful.

While you might not disagree with that assessment, most modern smartphones have opted to include both to offer smartphone owners the choice between the different features. And now it seems Google will finally catch-up with the likes of Huawei, Samsung, and Apple.

Unfortunately, we’ve still got no clue what the front of the as-yet unannounced smartphone. However, if Google is keeping its facial recognition and gesture control system Motion Sense – we’ll likely see the same hefty bezels. Google typically holds its annual hardware event, known as Made By Google, in October each year. So, there is plenty of time for things to change. Stay tuned to for all the rumours on the Pixel 5.


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