There’s some huge news ahead for Google fans, with the US technology firm holding a launch event in New York next week.

It sounds like there could be a lot happening in the Made By Google event, with an all-new , and to boost your home broadband, as well as the Pixel 4 smartphones. These have pretty much leaked in their entirety now.

In fact, Google itself plastered , while whispers from the supply chain have revealed , facial recognition, an , and some .

And now it seems there could be one more product in the pipeline for the October 15 event. A recent report by Nikkei has suggested a new Google-branded wearable could be released during the splashy New York keynote, too.

Google has long been rumoured to be developing a tech timepiece in a bid to go head-to-head with the Apple Watch.

It would make perfect sense to announce this device during its yearly device launch but, before you get too excited, there are some who think this release isn’t planned for 2019, if at all.

Just last month it was revealed by sources speaking to Business Insider that the project had been put on hold.

According to the report, Google was all set to release a device soon but then decided to scrap this new hardware at the last minute.

Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh apparently made the decision as he didn’t think the Pixel Watch fitted into its device portfolio.

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The team was also thought to be struggling to get the smartwatch to play well with the Google Pixel handset, with basic functionality like syncing data between the wearable and the smartphone not working reliably, the source claims.

There’s clearly now some confusion over whether Google will actually reveal a watch but there’s not too long until we find out more and it could be an exciting evening.

Along with the Pixel phones and possible Pixel Watch, there’s reports that new smart speakers and a notebook could be revealed.

There’s also a suggestion that Google could join the 5G revolution with the release of a faster smartphone that will be compatible with this latest network technology.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the big event takes place on Tuesday, October 12 and will bring you all the news live as it’s announced.



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