GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — We first told you earlier this month the Green Bay Police Department has seen a 60 percent increase in car thefts over the last five years.

The pizza delivery driver’s car that was stolen on Wednesday by 12 and 14 year old.

Now, the pizza delivery driver whose car was stolen on Wednesday tells us about the experience.

“It couldn’t have been more than 3-4 minutes or so, but came back down, and my car was gone,” said Brian Neubauer, who delivers pizza for Glass Nickel Pizza Company.

At the time, he was delivering pizza to people at the Hampton Inn in downtown Green Bay.

Neubauer didn’t think much of the teenagers he saw in the hotel on his delivery, until he learned at 12 and 14 year old had committed the crime.

“The car was spotted with three young people trying to knock on neighbors doors looking for assistance, apparently the car was in a snow bank. They showed up at a house of some good friends of mine who used to be neighbors,” said Neubauer.

Police say the teens had crashed the car in the 900 block of Shea Avenue.

When the teens were arrested police learned the 14-year-old, who was the passenger in the car, had four prior auto thefts.

Police say 20 cars have been stolen since the start of the year. Earlier this month police linked at least five car thefts to Timothy Giese.

Commander Kevin Warych of the Green Bay Police Department says his concern is with the age of the people committing these crimes.

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“We want parents to know where their children are, we want parents to have these conversations with their children so that these children don’t make these poor decisions,” said Warych.

As for Neubauer, he won’t be leaving his car unlocked and unattended anytime soon.

“I got a spare key made up where I can lock my doors and get back in especially during the winter days.”



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