Plastic Surgery with ZTY Health Turkey

Plastic Surgery with ZTY Health Turkey

Plastic surgery is perhaps the most hyped up procedure in the beauty industry. The demand for aesthetic procedures is undoubtedly rising since the past decade or so. This trend is primarily due to the “Hollywood face” shaping modern-day beauty standards, with plump lips and a skinny thick body type.

 However, it is essential to understand that not everybody is a perfect fit for plastic surgery. Each potential candidate is carefully examined, with their lifestyles and biological conditions taken into account. You can only undergo such procedures once a plastic surgeon has approved you for a specific surgery!

Clearing Misconceptions:

Plastic surgery in Turkey is not one all-inclusive procedure but rather an umbrella term for hundreds of procedures. Just because you may not be a perfect candidate for your preferred plastic surgery procedure does not mean you cannot get any type of plastic surgery. For instance, you may be approved by a professional for facial reconstruction surgery but can still undergo a Brazilian butt lift. 

Particular factors are taken into consideration when deciding who is and who is not a perfect candidate for a particular procedure. For instance, you will not be approved for cosmetic surgery if you consume alcohol and smoke tobacco cigarettes. Specific cosmetic procedures and their perfect candidate types are mentioned below:

Lip Augmentation:

Usually, suitable candidates for lip augmentation are either young individuals wanting plumper lips or elderly individuals whose lips have thinned. 

On the contrary, you are an unsuitable candidate if you consume or have recently consumed Accutane –an acne medication. Similarly, you cannot undergo lip augmentation if you are a patient of lupus, herpes, diabetes or arthritis.

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Rhinoplasty, or simply known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure to change the nose shape. The preferred candidates usually have noses that are on the larger side as well as crooked. 

However, you are an unsuitable candidate if your skin is thick, you play contact sports, or you are a child whose facial features are not yet fully developed. Furthermore, Rhinoplasty is an intricate procedure that sometimes –approximately in 20% of cases– a second surgery is required.

Face Implants:

The most common two types of facial implants are cheek and chin implants. 

Suitable candidates for cheek implants either suffer from premature cheek sagging or possess a flat cheekbone structure. Similarly, unsuitable candidates usually suffer from excessive skin sagging; they are better suited to getting a facelift. 

Doctors prefer candidates with weak chins or non-symmetrical chins with their noses. However, you are not approved as a candidate if your dental bite is abnormal because that would require dental surgery and not plastic surgery.

There are additional risks involved with face fillers which you must accept before undergoing such procedures. For instance, the implants could get infected, or your body could reject them. Either way, additional surgery would become necessary to remove the fillers. 


Suitable candidates have soft skin around their face and neck with heavy wrinkles and a double chin. However, your doctor may not approve you if your skin is inelastic or if you suffer from extreme obesity. 

You must accept the additional risks involved with facelifts: deep vein thrombosis, scarring, facial nerve injury and fluid accumulation –among many more. 

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Bottom line:

You cannot wake up one day and decide to get a particular plastic surgery procedure done. It is an extensive method with its own risks. Always consult your healthcare professionals before making any major commitments.

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