Playing Games Could Make You a Better Business Owner

Playing Games Could Make You A Better Business Owner

When it comes to running a successful business, innovation and creativity are key. Irrespective of industry, the modern business landscape is constantly shifting and developing, and competition has never been fiercer, even in the most niche of market sectors.

Therefore, business owners need to look for new ways to innovate and find creative solutions for rising challenges. In the ongoing search for innovation, however, there is one globally popular pastime that could prove to be a powerful tool: gaming. 

Playing Games Develops Key Business Skills

The gaming industry has undergone huge changes over the past decade. The continued integration of advanced technology has meant that gaming experiences have become more lifelike than ever before, while the act of playing games themselves involves collaboration and community interaction. Playing today’s video games can actually develop and strengthen key soft skills that are crucial to success in a professional setting. 

The sheer variety of games that are now available offers a rich landscape for developing skills like problem-solving, strategic planning, and team management, while meta-skills like experimentation and creative thinking can also be enhanced.

The link between gaming and skills development is one that is even recognized by military organizations. The UK’s Royal Air Force, for example, looks for the “attributes of people that are good at gaming” such as the ability to “assimilate information, react swiftly” and make effective decisions under pressure in a wide “variety of roles” and positions. 

Enhanced Business Management through Games of Skill 

The traditional card game of poker has long been compared to the stock market and the investment industry, but it shares many parallels with business management across the board. In fact, the skills needed to be good at the game are so relevant to the business world that the core elements of a solid poker strategy can easily apply to running a company.

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In a typical game of poker, a player will be called upon to analyze the surrounding environment. They’ll need to make judgment calls based on very limited information, calculate risk vs. reward in a matter of moments, and reflect on the consequences of the many decisions they’re making during just a single game. These are all scenarios not unfamiliar to modern business owners. 

Crucially, business owners, and entrepreneurs who regularly play poker also develop heightened levels of self-awareness. They know their strengths, weaknesses, and tolerance to risk, ensuring that they can make better-informed decisions when it comes to the day-to-day management of their companies. 

As is the case with other popular mind sports, poker is a game that relies heavily on emotional control. A poorly made decision based on the many strong emotions that can arise during a game can have a catastrophic effect, as losses derived from such decisions can push a player further and further into Tilt.

The same is true in business. While it is important to follow your gut instinct, strong emotional responses (even positive ones) can impede making complex decisions and lead to the least-desirable outcomes. 

The mindset for playing games of skill is exactly what’s required for running a successful business. Emotional neutrality is key, and the focus should be on the quality of the decisions you’re making rather than the outcome. Provided that the integrity of your decision-making process remains consistent, even negative results can be overcome.

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