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Podcast: inheritance tax, new rules for freelancers and investing in fine wine

Inheritance tax rules are due for a shake up, but can efforts to simplify the system shake off its tag as “Britain’s most hated tax”?

In the latest episode of the FT Money Show Paul Lewis, Radio 4’s Moneybox presenter, presents a different view to Claer Barrett, FT Money editor. He believes many people are worrying about nothing.

“My message is: don’t look on inheritance tax as a nightmare, look on it as a dream, an aspiration. Think to yourself, I want to be in the richest 4 per cent of people when I die so I can pay inheritance tax,” says Mr Lewis.

Next, we talk to the association of independent professionals and the self employed, IPSE, about how the IR35M new rules for freelancers will be applied.

Chris Bryce, chief executive of IPSE, says: “About 170,000 people are going to be affected by the new rules. The way they have been set up these individuals are now taking on all the risk of being freelance but have none of the decision-making power any more.”

Finally, the price of some fine wines are falling and FT Lex research editor Alan Livsey is on the lookout for bottles that have been undervalued. He shares his tips on fine wines with listeners.

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