Podiatrist shares ‘satisfying’ video chiselling through lady’s overgrown toenails to transform her feet

THIS stomach-churning video shows the grim reality of what happens when you neglect your toe nails.

Podiatrist Dr Binh Nguyen, 33, had his work cut out for him when a patient turned up to Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, Florida, in March, who had not looked after her feet for years.

 Podiatrist Dr Binh Nguyen shared this grim video of him transforming a woman's feet


Podiatrist Dr Binh Nguyen shared this grim video of him transforming a woman’s feet

And he has now shared the footage of himself meticulously tackling the patient’s thick and infected toenails in what he has called a “hugely satisfying” video.

As the nails had been neglected for years, the patient’s toenails had not only curled over on themselves but also built up on top of each other.

Using heavy duty nail cutters, Dr Nguyen can be seen painstakingly and carefully cutting and chiselling through the thick layers of skin.

And it takes him almost 20 minutes to chip away at the thick nails to get them somewhere near a healthy pedicure.

Chiselling away

Dr Nguyen said: “I feel huge sense of relief and joy in helping patients like this.

“Some patients don’t feel the process, but others, especially those with thick toenails do feel a bit of pain to the pressure applied.

“The longer and thicker the nails, the longer the process takes.”

Dr Nguyen’s YouTube channel has a whopping 162,000 subscribers and one of his most popular videos has been watched more than 2million times.

How to prevent nail infection

Fungal infections love warm, damp conditions so you want to avoid your feet becoming sweaty and warm.


  • treat athlete’s foot ASAP to avoid it spreading to the nails
  • keep your feet clean and dry
  • wear clean socks every day
  • wear flipflops in communal showers
  • throw out old shoes


  • wear shoes that make your feet hot and sweaty
  • share towels
  • wear other people’s shoes
  • share nail clippers

Source: NHS

Earlier this month, he dealt with another lady’s toenails that had become long, thick and discoloured.

In fact, one of her toenail’s measured a whopping 4cm in length and was dubbed a “little toe hat” by the doc.

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Fungal nail infections aren’t uncommon but they are often easily preventable.

They develop when your feet are constantly warm and damp.

You’re more likely to get an infection if you wear trainers for a long time and have hot, sweaty feet.

You can also get infections in your fingernails.

It’s really important that if you have diabetes, you see a foot specialist as any kind of foot injury can lead to complications.

Usually, a pharmacist can help you but if you have severe nail issues like the woman in this video, then a podiatrist is your best bet.

 Fungal nail infections aren't uncommon but they are often easily preventable


Fungal nail infections aren’t uncommon but they are often easily preventable

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