The Pokémon Company and Nintendo announced today that Pokémon Home will launch in February for Android, iOS, and Switch.

Pokémon Home is an app that will make it easier for fans of the monster-collecting franchise to store, trade, and transfer Pokémon among different games. With the mobile version, players can have access to their critters from Pokémon Go, although support for that game won’t be available at launch. The Switch version will connect with the Let’s Go games and the latest entries in the series, Sword and Shield. You can link the mobile and Switch versions of the app.

Many Pokémon fans like to transfer their creatures from game to game, but that can become difficult once the series transitions to a new platform like Switch. Home is the solution to that problem, but players won’t be able to transfer just any Pokémon to Sword and Shield, as those games don’t have support for the entire Pokémon catalog.

Enrolling in a premium plan also gives users access to their Pokémon on the 3DS via its storage app, Pokémon Bank. This will give you access to Pokémon you caught in 3DS games like Sun and Moon.

The premium plan costs $3 a month. It gives you other bonuses, including increasing the amount of Pokémon you can store from 30 to 6,000.


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