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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Police are hunting to find the suspect who broke into a storage unit and stole two cars.

Stolen from the unit was a red Chevy truck and a blue FJ.

The cars that had been passed down from Bruff’s family.

The red truck belonged to Colton, and the blue FJ belonged to Adeline.

Their father, Stacy, fixed them up for his children.

“It’s one of the things that we hung on to and we knew we were excited to keep and continue passing on my dad’s name,” said Adeline.

Stacy fixed up Adeline’s car as a wedding present in which he drove her and her husband away on what she calls the greatest day of her life.

Colton was shocked when he heard what had happened. “I didn’t think it was real, with all the things that have happened,” said Colton.

“I have has a lot of good things happen in the past year but hearing that is kind of just like wow the world is against me right now and I think she felt the same way.”

The police are still investigating what happened, but Colton and Adeline need your help finding their cars.

If you see anything contact the Jonesboro Police Department.

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