Poor Website Ranking: The Whys and How to Improve Your Rankings

There’s nothing more frustrating for a site owner than watching their website (which they’ve spent months working on) ranking on the back pages of search engines. This reality hits harder than a relationship breakup (no pun intended)!

But away from your frustrations, you’ve got to get up and do something. Yes, one of your web pages is ranking on Google’s 5th page today, and it’s making you feel really bad.

We’re sorry about that. But if you don’t figure out why that’s happening and do something about it, that page will go farther away from the 5th page in no time.

In this guide, you’ll learn all about the “WHYs” of poor website rankings and the steps you can take to put things right.

Targeting Wrong and Outdated Keywords

Rankings on search engine pages are mostly based on keywords. If you target the keywords that people are searching for, you’ll rank higher for those keywords. But if you’re targeting the wrong keywords, well, we both know what the likely outcome is.

In the same vein, if your website has been targeting outdated keywords, there’s a high chance your site won’t rank high on the SERPs.

So, if you find your site ranking poorly on the SERPs, one of the major causes could be because you’re targeting wrong or outdated keywords.

Solution: Get an SEO service provider like SEO Services Canada to look into the matter for. They’ll audit and analyze your website to see the kinds of keywords you’ve been using. And if they find your keywords to be wrong or outdated, they’ll help you research new ones to get you higher up the rankings.

Lost or Broken Links

It’s a common practice for websites to build links into their web pages. Unfortunately, from time to time, some of these links get lost or broken due to a countless number of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Web page renaming or removal by the original site owner
  • Linking to content (PDFs, videos, etc.) that has been corrupted, removed, or moved.
  • URL change by the original site owner.

If you have lost or broken links on your websites, visitors will be getting lots of error messages, like the “404” error message when they click on such links on your site. This is bad for rankings and is probably one of the reasons why your site is currently sitting on the 9th page on Google.

Solution: Check your site for broken or lost links over the course of the last 90 days using tools like Ahrefs or Majestic. If you find broken or lost links, you can reach out to a guest posting service like Rankwisely to buy guest posting packages to build new links into the site to aid your rankings.

Search Engine Algorithm Update

Every now and then, search engines update their algorithms to improve the search results they’re providing searchers. Unfortunately, many of these updates – like the May 2020 update – disrupt some sites’ positions on the SERPs.

If you noticed that your site started ranking poorly only until recently, it could be as a result of any recent update to Google’s algorithm.

Solution: Only a professional SEO company like SEO service Canada can understand the details of a search engine update. So, in the event that you’ve lost your rankings due to a recent update, contacting these types of companies is definitely a no-brainer.

Geolocation Factors

Have you ever tried searching for something on Google, and you find out that the result you get is quite different from that of a friend in another state in your country? Sometimes, in order to provide the best answers to people’s queries, Google and other search engines consider the location of the searcher.

This means that a website’s ranking will be different depending on the location where the search is done. So, before you can say whether your site is ranking poorly or not, you first have to check whether you’re doing the search from a location relevant to the website itself. If, after checking that, you still find your site on the 3rd, 6th, or last pages, then something is definitely wrong with your geolocation SEO.

Solution: Get an SEO service provider like local SEO Canada to work out your local SEO for you. In addition, you can also hire a guest posting service UK company to start creating location-specific guest posts on industry-relevant authority websites for your site.

Wack site UX

Google’s aim is to provide searchers with the best results. But that’s not limited to the search query results they display to them. They also try their best to ensure that the sites they recommend (display) to searchers are sites with the best user experience.

Now, if a site’s UX (User experience) sucks, Google has no problem de-ranking such a site, regardless of whether it satisfies every other condition.

Here are some of the UX factors that matter the most to Google:

  • Loading speed: Your site simply has to load fast.
  • Bounce rate: percentage of people that click on your site but navigate away after viewing just one page
  • Number of visitors
  • Time spent by visitors
  • Page per session

Solution: There’s no way you can improve your site UX on your way. You just have to contact a professional website designer like to get the job done for you.

Competition from Other Sites

Finally, your site could be ranking poorly because it faces stiff competition from other websites. You can be playing your SEO cards right, building the right links into your site, and working with the best web designer to create a perfect UX. If your competitors are doing a better job than you, there’s no way you will outrank them.

Solution: The best way to outrank your competitors is by analyzing their SEO methods, social media activity, link building strategies, and content marketing techniques. That way, you’ll see clearly what they’re doing better than you, and you can then use that knowledge to create a better strategy to beat them.

But don’t get it twisted; analyzing and monitoring competitors’ websites is not an easy job to do. Even if you know what to do and where to look, it might take you months to get a good grasp of their strategies.

The good news?

Competitor analysis is one of the several SEO services rendered by SEO services Canada.

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