Popular Email Service Providers for Easy Inbox Management

Popular Email Service Providers for Easy Inbox Management

Large services that offer email boxes are competing with each other all the time. To attract customers, they try to offer more additional services, such as spam filtering, large internal storage, fast mobile applications, and more. Also, recently, services have focused on securing user data, because that’s what really worries internet users.

Here is the list of the most popular and convenient email boxes, which can help you safely and efficiently communicate both at work and for personal purposes.

  • Gmail: This service is launched by a large company Google and it is the most famous email service provider. The email account is the basis for using Sheets, Documents, Google Play, and other services from the same developer, so having a Gmail address can be very useful for an active Internet user. Because of its versatility it can easily become the main mailbox for work and personal communication. Some of the best Gmail functions: automatic sorting of letters by tabs, a really nice spam filter, powerful search engine inside the box, convenient interface, suitable snippets for different categories of mailings, the ability to access your mail from any device or program. Moreover, its intelligent spam filters allow checking incoming messages and identifying spam and junk mails. This gives you an additional option to check valid email addresses from illegal senders.
  • Outlook has a very convenient built-in system for the user’s work – it allows you to quickly synchronize letters, view the calendar and schedule certain actions, create a planner and a list of contacts and everything in one place. Outlook has a simple functional interface with no unnecessary elements. It offers the user a conveniently sorted list of emails, identification of important items, separate directories for news, photos and invoices. In addition, you can create the necessary folders and shortcuts yourself – there are no restrictions on the use of only standard elements. With the help of special filters, you can keep your email inbox always cleaned and sorted, so it won’t be difficult to find any letter in it.
  • Yandex offers users a nice featured inbox on a fast website that has built-in limitless storage, access to common Internet protocols, and value-added services. You can use mail through a mobile application: Among the advantages of Yandex.Mail there is the ability to create templates for letters. If you regularly send the same type of mailings, then this function will save you a lot of time.
  • iCloud Mail. This cloud-based email was developed by Apple for their own products. Therefore, it is best suited for use on iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. iCloud has a convenient mail filtering system, a large storage for messages and a handy application. In addition, this service has no ads, which is very important for those users who are used to focusing on certain tasks. If you are a macOS user, you can also choose to send voice messages instead of writing long letters and increasing email overload.
  • Proton is a free service for using your email inbox safely and anonymously. It is fast and provides a wide range of features both in the mobile application and in the browser version. To ensure anonymity and a high level of protection of personal data, Proton uses encryption systems. Among the handy features of this mail service there are: the ability to quickly control using hot keys; a wide range of settings for formatting the text of the letter; a spam filter that prevents unwanted messages from going to your inbox; the ability to hide and obstruct access to the content of letters or certain folders.

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