Porsche unveils next-generation PCM infotainment system with Android Auto 

Porsche has revealed a new generation of its PCM infotainment system, called Porsche Communication Management 6.0. 

The upgrade introduces a number of new online features, a new-look menu design and an updated version of the Porsche Connect smartphone app. Android Auto integration is also now widely available in Porsche models for the first time. 

A basic version of the 6.0 system can already be found in the pure-electric Porsche Taycan, but now the company has introduced the new infotainment technology as a standard fixture on the 911, Cayenne and Panamera. Taycan drivers will also receive an over-the-air update to unlock more features.

Connected intelligent navigation is one of the biggest updates in the shift to PCM 6.0. Porsche says the hardware supporting the system is now significantly more powerful, which means the infotainment system can monitor traffic more closely and calculate an alternative route even faster in the event of an accident or road closure.

When on the motorway, the system can tell the driver how much traffic is in each lane with different colour markings. Porsche also says that its new software can even take into account whether the car is towing a trailer or caravan, and accurately calculate an arrival time based on the lower permitted maximum speed.

Porsche Risk Radar is another new feature, which uses information from the car’s driver assistance technology and swarm data from nearby cars to notify the driver of nearby hazards. As the system now has its own internet connection, Porsche says it’ll be able to notify the driver more accurately of the prevailing speed limit, too.

Natural voice control has also been added, which Porsche says can determine what the driver needs without a preset list of commands. For example, by simply telling the system “I need petrol,” the car can automatically set the sat-nav to the nearest fuel station. Similarly, saying “I am cold” will increase the temperature in the cabin by two degrees.

The new voice control function can be used to control communication and navigation instructions, and can control the seat massage functions and air conditioning. Porsche says it can also change the colour of the interior ambient lighting on request. 

There’s also a new user interface with a simplified menu design, which Porsche says is “calmer and more refined” than the old system. There’s also a quicker search function for points of interest, a less cluttered map view, and added support for Android Auto. Google Assistant also appears thanks to the latter development.

Porsche has also launched an updated version of the Porsche Connect smartphone app. This allows owners remote access to their vehicle data and allows them to operate certain vehicle functions when they’re away from their car.

Using the application, drivers can check their car’s fuel or battery charge level, check the tyre pressures, remotely unlock the doors and preset the interior temperature. The car’s heated seats, steering wheel and windscreen can also be activated remotely.

Every Porsche fitted with PCM 6.0 also gets a virtual race coach, which can be accessed from either the driver’s smartphone or directly from the infotainment system. It features a database of 300 international tracks, as well as instructions on their recommended racing lines and a lap timer to allow driver’s to check their progress at the circuit.

Porsche is also developing an adaptive ambient noise system, with different soundtracks and audio cues piped into the cabin based on the driver’s mood and the route driven. The technology is still in development, but Porsche has expressed a desire to put it into production.

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