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Even though Tron didn’t get developed too long it, still, it is clear to everyone that the Tron Foundation has come a long way. The founder and supreme leader of operations, Justin Sun, is habitually vocal on his brainchild, supplying the crypto community with almost daily news on his Twitter page.

All the time, the Tron platform is known for its game-changing milestones and new developments that are a true reflection of Justin’s commitment to the success of Tron. One of the new yet highly promising Tron projects is Tron Sign.

Tron Signature Project

Tron Signature or SIGN project is a Tron based Utility virtual token that is utilized to build robust e-commerce platforms that will enable cryptocurrencies to go mainstream. At present, a good number of platforms have bee created already using the SIGN project, bringing value to Tron’s blockchain technology with real-life use cases.

What are Utility Tokens?

For those who might not know, utility tokens are a type of token that is distributed during crowd sales as a crypto project executes an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). What makes a utility token stand out is it represents impending access to a firm’s goods, giving it some worth but not guaranteeing anything. One point to note is that utility tokens are not used as savings as they can be exempted from applicable federal regulations governing securities.

When a company develops utility tokens, they are primarily developing a type of virtual coupon that can be cashed in at a future date for unique access or discounted charges for their goods or services — for instance, a pre-order which constitute products that have not yet been produced. Typically, a lot of hype surrounds the product allowing utility tokens to serve the purpose of simplifying the buying process early on.

SIGN Token Utility

Exchange: – According to the Tron Sign Project white paper, the Sign utility token is a token that is acknowledged as a payment method in all Tron future projects.

Cashback: – It is also scheduled to be listed in popular crypto exchange platforms where crypto traders and investors can exchange their tokens on the preferred exchange platforms.

Cashback: – In regards to cashback, customers can settle full cart amounts using the SIGN token and SIGN gift cards and be eligible for cashback.

Dividends: – Holders of Sign tokens are eligible to receive TRX dividends from all Tron projects.

Free Shipping: – Customers who pay for goods with SIGN token are eligible for a one-year Free Express Shipping service in e-commerce platforms that have been integrated with the token.

Products Eligible for SIGN Token Payment: – Every seller selling their wares on an e-commerce platform that has been created using Tron’s SIGN Project accepts SIGN tokens as payment methods.

Partner Airdrop: – From Initial Coin Offering Directory, SIGN tokens are eligible to new token airdrop from leading ICOS. On 15th August, Tron Foundation airdropped about 1 billion tokens to SIGN holders to publicize the new project.

Referral and Affiliate Program: – According to the project’s referral and affiliate program, every Tron user can recommend and sell Tron products to earn SIGN tokens.

Tron Signature Projects

At present, the Tron Signature Project is busy undertaking the development of a few Signature projects that include:

ElectroMarket or Electronics Marketplace project. The ElectroMarket project is a global e-commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell new and used electronic using virtual currencies. At present, the platform has agreed with a few business-to-business sellers, and over 1,800 new products are ready for the platform. As the projects continue to catch momentum, more sellers are expected to join the e-commerce site as the management continues to works on a mobile application.

Tron Payment Gateway project allows users to purchase products on its site using TRX and Tron based tokens. The Tron Payment gateways are built in a way that ensures payments are made effortlessly as much as possible. The Tron SIGN project is currently making this plugin to become a multi-token plugin by adding all the preferred TRC10 and TRC20 tokens.

Tron Directory is a web page where users can seamlessly track genuine ICOs that are about to be launched or are being planned on the Tron platform. Token developers can use the Tron Directory platform to reach real investors.

Fashion Store is a worldwide marketplace that allows users to buy and sell bags, shoes, clothes, and other fashionable items with virtual currencies.

Other Tron SIGN projects include Crypto Dating Project and RiczUniform that deal with online dating and purchase of tailor-made products using virtual currencies respectively.

Tron Sign’s Book Project

In an age where people are relying on video and audio products for their source of information, Tron Signature has not forgotten about the original content source: books. At present, the project is involved with a BOOK project that is aimed at buying and selling ebooks online. Buyers and sellers will buy and sell their books online quickly and securely.

Other Crypto News around Tron Signature

Upcoming Blockchain Phone Concept: – The primary purpose of a blockchain phone is to act as a hardware wallet that keeps user crypto assets safe and secure. The concept is still being worked on as the initial blockchain phone release was found to have several security risks.

Tron Sign’s IEO Approval by VinDax: – According to media reports, Tron Sign is now an Initial Exchange Offering payment currency on LATOKEN after receiving approval from VinDax. LATOKEN is the leading fundraising IEO launchpad and top-20 virtual currency exchange platform in the world.

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