Prepare to buy new Apple accessories – again – Yahoo Finance

You could soon be forced to update your Apple accessories – yet again – if rumours that the tech giant is replacing its lightning port in favour of a USB-C are correct.

People are speculating that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 might ditch the lightning port, which has been a key feature of the phone since 2012, after a screenshot of the new recovery mode made its way online, the Daily Mail reported.

In the image, posted to Twitter by Raphael Mouton, the lightning cable looks to have been replaced with a USB-C cable.

The iTunes image is also nowhere to be seen, after Apple confirmed it would be axing the music storage app earlier this year.

Instead, users will see a laptop and what appears to be the USB-C cable, which is currently used by Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 2 and OnePlus 6 phones.

The newest iPad Pro already has the new socket, and uses a USB-C charging cable.


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