Preserve Your Past- Get Your Video8, 8mm, Hi8 Tapes Digitized 

Preserve Your Past- Get Your Video8, 8mm, Hi8 Tapes Digitized

Watching and sharing the good old memories of you with your loved ones is always relaxing and comforting. Whether it is VHS, Video8, Hi8, or MiniDV tapes the data stored in these devices eventually degrade with time. Don’t let go of your old memories, family vacation, and wedding videos and get your media digitalized on time to secure your memorable moments for the future.

Owing to the many advantages of digitalization of old tapes, it has been trending since the evolution in technology. Old tapes had a limited lifespan and many of the devices on which these tapes are only playable are not available today. The only option is to digitalize our old media in tapes to modern digital format.

Easy to Work With 

Digitalization is simply the best way to preserve your past. The internet is swarmed with ways to convert your Hi8 tapes to digital at home, many of which are nothing but spam or way more time-consuming. Getting the services of a professional digitization company is the best solution to all the problems.

Tapes to digital, is one of the best digitization service providers ensuring your media remains confidential. Converting your Hi8 to digital files allows you to edit your videos in the future or watch from your computer, smartphones, and handy gadgets. 

Our streamlined process puts our clients at ease as it is quite simple to understand. Get a quote from tapes to digital and convert your video8 to digital before they become unplayable. You can ship your tapes or deliver them in person. Our tracking system is highly effective to enable you to trace the shipment.

Digital Copies of Hi8 Tapes

Our trained technicians convert Hi8 to digital in the same quality as the original is available. We offer affordable, quick, and easy Hi8 to 8mm conversions. Throughout the process of digitalization, our professionals remain in contact with you via email to ensure the conversion is as you prefer.  

We value your precious memories, which is why we never compromise on our quality of work. Our team of experts utilizes the latest technology and equipment to ensure the digitalization is done in the highest quality possible.

The selection of the digital format is solely your choice, but we can help you with the selection if you find it difficult to decide what suits you the best. If you’re planning to view your tapes on a standard DVD player, then converting to a DVD is the right choice for you. 

How it Works

Before we make any commitments, we analyze your tapes to ensure if they are in a condition to get digitalized. We begin converting your video8 or Hi8 tapes to digital copies in an impressively short turnaround. 

 Tapes to digital are specialized in converting Hi8 tapes to a digital format which you can float over the internet to share precious memories with your friends. Send in your videotapes and we can get started right away. 

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