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The Royal Couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  have shifted to Los Angeles. And now they are facing severe privacy concerns.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Face Security Concerns In LA

The royal couple had drawn a lot of controversy when they decided to leave the Royal Family. They stepped from their royal duties because apparently Meghan Markle was not getting the kind of support she wanted. And maybe the couple decided to choose freedom over royalty.

Prince Harry
Source: BBC

There were also speculations that the Royal family never accepted Markle whole heartedly. And then with a sudden turn of events Prince Harry decided to find a life away from the royal family. Thus he shifted to Los Angeles with Meghan and their one year old toddler.

But it is true that life is not going to be easy for the royal couple in Los Angeles. Because being pivotal members of the British Royal family the public eye is on them. And the media would eventually trespass their privacy. Therefore settling down in the Hollywood city would come at a cause of their privacy. Although they have never tried to hide anything from the world.

After leaving the royal family both Harry and Meghan fearlessly spoke about the problems they were facing in the royal family. And their revelations eventually irked the queens. Markle also spoke about the criticism she faced because of not being someone who has a royal blood.

Former Royal Protection Officer’s Warning

Simon Morgan who severed as the Royal Protection Officer has surged warning to the royal couple. In a podcast the former officer said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not really safe in Los Angeles. He added that they left the royal family in their quest to find privacy.

But by shifting to Los Angeles they have actually posed a threat to their security and privacy. Moreover he added that the Los Angeles media has shifted their eye on the royal couple. And they will try to manipulate them to find out as many information as they can.

Prince Harry
Source: BBC

And this will pose a big threat to the royal family as well as the couple. Morgan also said that the Prince might not be able to control the media coverage. The former officer has also revealed that no matter what Harry will also be a part of the Royal family. And safeguarding his privacy still remains the duty of the Royal security team.

Therefore as per Morgan, the security team of Sussex have been instructed to ensure that the royal couple’s privacy is safeguarded. He also said that the couple might actually be provided with a team of security officers to protect them from media trespassing.

Now it is up to the Prince and and Meghan Markle on whether they will actually accept the security proposal offered by the royal family or they will chose to live they way they presently are.

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