Productivity at Work: 8 Superfoods that Help Improve Productivity

When we list down the factors affecting our productivity at work, food is probably the last thing we consider. Among pending emails, hectic meetings, and deadlines, food- or a proper diet- is often overlooked.

However, that’s not the case!

Productivity At Work: 8 Superfoods That Help Improve Productivity

Food plays a huge role in playing out your usual day at work. It has a crucial impact on your motivation, brain health, and focus. A poor diet can impact your work and productivity negatively. It lowers your energy levels, leaving you exhausted and lethargic. Your thinking prowess gets reduced, and it becomes difficult to focus on the work at hand.

Relation Between Diet And Productivity:

Your body needs its energy to perform physical and mental activities. Glucose obtained from the food we eat provides your body with that energy. If you are low on glucose, you will have low energy, and consequently, your work will suffer.

But eating anything- just for the sake of eating- is harmful. According to Harvard Business Review, foods high in carbohydrates or sugar can provide a rapid upsurge in glucose followed by a sluggish crash. So, it is vital to be mindful of what you eat and how you eat.

8 Superfoods That Boost Productivity:

If you are feeling sluggish and unproductive at work, add these superfoods into your diet:

1. Salmon:

Salmon is the best superfood to make up for your protein needs. It also contains potassium, zinc, iron, and other minerals that keep your metabolism at a balanced level.

However, the best thing about salmon is its rich content of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, promote brain cell formation, and improve memory. It also helps you stay focused throughout your working day.

2. Green tea:

Cut out on coffee and start drinking green tea in the morning. You will feel more nourished and light. Moreover, it helps focus because it contains an amino acid called L-theanine. It gets your mind awake and boosts your metabolism.

Plus, you will get controlled blood pressure, relief from headaches if you have any, improved skin, and maintained cholesterol. A win-win situation!

3.   Nuts:

Packed with proteins and natural fats, a handful of nuts can make your hectic workday bearable. With included antioxidants and amino acids, it will elevate your performance and brainpower.

So next time you want to munch on something in the middle of work instead of getting sugary candies or cookies, keep a small bowl of nuts by your side to satisfy the cravings in a healthy manner.

4.   Turmeric:

Turmeric- the golden spice- is a potent food to boost your mental health and productivity. It increases the rate of a growth hormone, BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which enhances your intelligence, mood, and productivity.

Turmeric also boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These hormones affect your well-being, emotions, cognition, and focus positively.

Having a glass of turmeric milk regularly can do wonders for your mind and body. Get the best turmeric supplements from Divinity Nutra for the best productivity surge!

5. Oatmeal:

If you want to get something filling in the morning, it is best to include oatmeal in your meal plans. To jumpstart your day with something packed with carbohydrates and fibers, avoid processed cereals having added sugars. Instead, opt for the organic one. As the fibers take longer to digest, you will feel full even later in the day.

6. Eggs:

Want to improve memory and take your brain health to the next level? Add egg into your breakfasts in any form you like. Make an omelet, scrambled egg, or hard-boil it to have a healthy meal at the start of the day.

Got a busy day and have no time to make something lavish for breakfasts? Eggs are always there to help. Make egg salads if you have time.

Eggs are the go-to breakfast meal worldwide for a reason. Packed with vitamins A, E, B5, and B12, they are the most nutritious meal option.

7.  Water:

A hydrated body makes the mind fresh and productive. Just a glass of water in the morning will make your state of mind awake and make you ready to conquer the day. Drinking 2 liters of water in a day keeps you hydrated and levels up your energy.

8.  Seasonal Fruits:

Is there a better snack than a refreshing watermelon? They are perfect snacks that keep your energy levels high. Fruits have an abundance of vitamin C, which boosts your metabolism. They also contain natural sugar. So if you need a sugar rush, fruits are the way to go!

In summer, use oranges, watermelon, and peaches as snacks. While berries, strawberries, and pomegranate are best for winters.

The Bottom Line:

Besides sleeping and exercising, having a balanced diet is the best way to maximize your productivity. It keeps your body and mind in the best shape and brings out the maximum potential.

There are several meal options that boost productivity and keep you energetic amid loads of work every day. Making mindful choices in what you eat and how you eat can multiply your productivity at work by many folds.

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