No one thinks a hot car tragedy can happen to them, says the group Kids and Cars, but it does.

Last year was a record year for hot car deaths.

“I usually don’t let him get in the car until I’ve started it and it’s been running for awhile,” said mom Paige Boley.

Unfortunately, when the temperatures rise, so do the risks for kids getting heatstroke or worse by being left in a car.

Many times, sleep deprived parents forget the child or children are in the backseat.

“I put the diaper bag in the back. That has my wallet and everything in it. I can look back there and won’t be going anywhere without my wallet, then I see him,” said Boley.

Fifty-two children have died nationwide. Ohio ranks 14th for hot car deaths. From 1994 to 2014, 21 children in the state died. That is why Representative Tim Ryan has proposed a bill he hopes would prevent these tragedies.

The proposal would mandate all new cars have sensors and alarms that reminds a driver to check the back seat. Lawmakers are hoping it is enough to get a parent’s attention.

“That would be a nice feature to have, as an option anyway,” said Boley.


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