Monitoring Technology Marvel Award runner-up Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the only facility in India among TMA’s membership.

Founded in 2011 in Mumbai — home of the Bollywood movie industry — Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s top electronic monitored security firms.

The pioneer of live video monitoring designs and delivers bespoke surveillance solutions and managed services for a wide range of commercial and private clientele.

It operates across 22 states with 28 offices and more than 750 associates covering in excess of 25,000 sites. No stranger to accolades, Securens’ 360° proprietary Active Deterrence technology and affiliated services led to it being named a runner-up for the 2019 TMA/SSI Monitoring Technology Marvel Award. Of particular note were new upgrades to its central station.

“We have built our command center application platform from the ground up. The application has multiple modules based on the client requirement. We are able to integrate with different types of sensors, cameras, DVRs, NVRs, video analytics and IoT feeds seamlessly. The advantage we hold is both the embedded codes and the backend server codes are built by us using industry standards,” says Securens CTO M.J. George. “Our database has been upgraded to MongoDB, giving us the advantage of accepting data from any feed, structured or unstructured. Data crunching and other advanced data analytics features have been introduced to produce customized dashboards for clients. Enterprise-grade load balancers have been deployed to ensure that the traffic and load on servers are managed to produce optimum performance.”

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Securens’ central station has generated key performance indicators (KPIs) that would be the envy of many a provider. They include: 99% detection & deterrence; 85% of calls attended to within 3 minutes; 99% delivery of images and video footage for forensic purposes; 99% quick response time (QRT) delivery; 99% uptime of monitored sites; scalable to 35,000+ sites with 150 monitoring personnel; partnered with top network providers in India; and robust infrastructure.

“The Securens central station team has detected and deterred over 9,000 incidents, and aided police across India in arresting more than 100 law-breakers,” says Rohan Sadamast, business head for monitoring & service delivery.

According to George, it is in Securens’ DNA to adopt disruptive technology and remain an industry leader.

“We continually evolve our product line to provide better customized solutions. We offer a plethora of products such as PERS, video monitoring, central video recording, motion detection narrowed down to human detection via video analytics, fleet management, managed access control, intrusion detection, etc. The technologies are bundled together and offered as products. Each product addresses a specific client requirement.”

From a manpower standpoint, training of new Securens employees begins with an orientation session using classroom and video methodology, followed by a detailed induction program by a senior central station operator and ends with a final certification.

The only Indian facility among TMA’s membership, Securens’ central station rookies go through training that includes pairing with senior operators as part of a buddy system.

Training includes a buddy system process called Tag Team in which recently certified operators are paired with top-performing senior operators to observe and learn best practices and obtain hands-on experience from the best.

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“Every month, we conduct a product and process knowledge test from operator level to the leadership level, inculcating an environment where continuous learning is highly endorsed,” adds Sadamast.

Another unique aspect of Securens is it is the only facility in India among TMA’s membership.

“Securens is keen on setting the bar high when it comes to adopting the latest technology and best practices while giving our customers maximum returns on their surveillance investment,” says Head of Marketing Richard Canday. “We are proud to be the only organization in India to be certified by The Monitoring Association. Participating in the TMA/SSI Technology Marvel Awards allows us to engage and learn from leaders in monitoring center technologies worldwide, motivating us to continually innovate and disrupt our market.



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