Pros and Cons of Getting Branded Coffee Mugs for your Business

It is important for every business to consider ways in which they can obtain exposure for their brand. Often, familiarity for clients can go a long way towards engaging with them and having them remember your name. It is not always the case that you will receive an immediate order and a good business will have clients remember them for the future. Unfortunately it is not as simple as handing over a business card or sending an email, you will be remembered more if you reach out in a different way and an idea to put yourself on the map would be to consider having branded coffee mugs from a reputable mug store, for example.

But what are the pros and cons of doing that?

Obviously first and foremost, you have the time that you will need to set aside to spend on the design. You may need to employ a graphic artist, you will need to investigate the type of mug that you will want to use, examine the quality and opt for a reasonable product which will hopefully last for years to come and will stand the test of time. This all will come at a cost, so make sure that you have set a realistic budget aside for the project. If it is worth doing, it has to look professional.

The exposure that you can give yourself potentially could be endless depending on how many mugs you have. You can give them to your employees, creating in them a sense of belonging and worth and everyone likes a freebie! Your clients and prospective clients will appreciate that too and you could opt to have a Christmas campaign, sending out mugs instead of the traditional Christmas card. 

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You could opt to go further afield and approach various venues, asking if they will use your mugs at their conferences and seminars etc, creating exposure time and time again without you having to do anything.  

If you have pride in your brand and you are prepared to stand behind it with your enthusiasm and care, you will find that others will follow suit and you will find that your staff adopt that pride and loyalty as will your clients and future clients.

Whether you are a small, large or medium sized company, you will appear credible in the eyes of your customers. It will give them the impression that you have been around for a while and are likely to remain in business for time to come.

People remember something that is different and quirky and you have the opportunity to offer that with your design. You could decide to go for a quote which ties in with your logo. Using your logo and the colours on your logo can tie everything together in the eyes of your customers.

It also allows you to include your contact details on the back of the mug or at the bottom to ensure that you won’t be forgotten!


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