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Protective Packaging: What Are Your Options?

Protective Packaging: What Are Your Options

Over the years, the protective packing industry has seen some significant changes. New diverse and innovative solutions to the packing challenges have become available. There are now more void filling options and outer packaging solutions available to just about every type of business – or product – there is.

This means that when it comes to selecting the most appropriate packing materials for your products there really are some fantastic solutions. However, with so many custom products available it is a good idea to pay close attention to the details – they really could be the difference between packing your goods well and packing them very well. With so many companies vying for business in the same highly competitive marketplace, the right product and price is only one part of making your company a success.

The right packaging will not only keep your products safe during storage and transportation, but it will also attract and ultimately keep your customers with you. It enforces the quality of the brand that you are selling to your customers when they see that you pay attention to the little details like the packaging.


When it comes to packaging your items, you need to ensure that every element of the packaging you choose is appropriate for the product in question. The outer carton, the first defence your item has against the elements and external factors, is very important. Ensure that you have the most appropriate size of carton. If your outer carton is too big for your product, then it will need a lot of void packaging or it will move around during transit. If the outer carton is too small, then the product will not be adequately protected and could arrive at its final destination damaged.

Gaylord Box Liners

Choosing the right outer carton is of course only a small part of the full packaging concept. Gaylord box liners are barrier liners that are industrial strength. They are made from aluminium foil and fit inside your outer carton. They ensure that your products are protected from climatic changes any external atmospheric elements that may cause them issues during the transportation process.

It is also possible to purchase Gaylord boxes, a style of corrugated box, that can be used for the transportation of your items. When used in combination with Gaylord liners, these can offer you an ideal solution in terms of climatic protection.

The aluminium used to produce Gaylord liners can help to maintain any residual moisture and oxygen levels at a level that is within tolerance. It can also protect again any extremes in temperature and prevent the unfortunate transfer of odours. It can also be really useful in assisting in protecting your goods from U.V. light.

The other advantage of Gaylord liners if that they can be purchased in a number of sizes and styles, either as Gaylord liners with open tops of with filling spouts which can help you to create a closed filling system, and offer you a reduction in the time that it takes to seal your items into their packaging.

Desiccant packs

Desiccant packs can also form a very important part of your packing routine and can be added to the inside of your package in order to help reduce the levels of moisture inside, this will help to ensure that your products will arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.

All of these products can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, so it is important to make sure that you purchase the ones that are most appropriate for your requirements.

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